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5 Budget Ways to Change The Look Of Your Kitchen

Even if you’re not much of a chef, and your experiments in cooking are strictly restricted to the weekends, your kitchen is probably one of the first rooms to greet you when you come back home. Naturally, you want your kitchen to be welcoming. After all, who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beauty. Most people would say that beauty comes at a price and to transform your kitchen into one that jumped off the pages of the latest Architectural Digest will surely set you back by a bit.

Now, what if we say that isn’t always the case, that it doesn’t always have to cost an arm and a leg? Do we get brownie points for also telling you that it can be easy to transform the look of your kitchen? Let’s get down to the list of budget ways to change the way your kitchen looks, shall we?

Paint it White

White is the color to go to, especially if your kitchen is small or is outdated looking. Having one color throughout the kitchen keeps things neutral and allows you to experiment with different colored dishes, cups or even creative lighting. But more on lighting later.

Here’s a before and after picture of a kitchen shot by ace photographer William Waldron… and yes, it is the same kitchen!

While some may be scared that white may end up looking too sterile, you always have the option of making the backsplash a different color so that it pops against all that white… Which brings us to the next trick.

Change Your Backsplash

Imagine this beautiful bright white kitchen of yours with an emerald green tiled or toughened glass backsplash. Changing your backsplash is one of easiest ways to transform the look of the kitchen. The experts at Handyman Connection of Pasadena (Serving Los Angeles and Pasadena) can help you with this, if you’re not confident that you could pull off a DIY stunt here.


If you aren’t too inclined towards pulling out all your existing cabinets and remodeling the entire kitchen, you could easily spruce up the doors of your cabinets to make them look more appealing. Chalkboard paint is one way to add some quirk to your kitchen.

Replace the knobs on them with old school cast iron or something that matches your style. There are heaps to choose from, ranging from colorful bohemian ones to metallics to more functional ones- you’d be surprised how much of a difference changing the knobs on the doors make.

Case in point is this kitchen we found on Pinterest. Look and the before and after and judge for yourself!

Add a Kitchen Island

Kitchen storage is often underestimated in terms of how much you will actually need. Adding a kitchen island can kill three birds with one stone. It can often add that extra zing that your kitchen needs and the bottom half can be used to store whatever your cabinets and drawers can’t accommodate. It can also double up as a breakfast bar. It doesn’t have to be an expensive, swanky piece. You might just find a bargain deal at your local ReStore.


Another quick fix for your kitchen remodel is to change the lighting. Add some modern glass or antique looking pendants over your kitchen island to instantly transform your kitchen into a high end space. Adding some under cabinet lighting can also help in your kitchen make over.

If you think you might need a hand with any of these tasks or have something more complex in mind, don’t hesitate to call our experienced craftsmen at Handyman Connection of Pasadena on (626) 744-0402 in Los Angles and Pasadena. We can make all your kitchen remodeling work easier with our experience and expertise.

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