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5 Current Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

When it comes to renovating and remodeling your home, your bathroom is likely your main concern. As one of the most central spots in a home, the bathroom is a private sanctuary that is designed not only to help with your physical health - but also your mental wellbeing. This is why it’s especially important to make sure you look into having your bathroom remodel done by an expert!

There’s nothing better than being able to walk into an open space with warm lighting in the morning. Your bathroom sets the pace for the entire day so it’s important to make sure you properly invest in ways to keep your bathroom in prime condition!

If you think it’s time you gave your bathroom an update, keep reading for more information about the best bathroom remodeling trends in Pasadena and Greater Los Angeles!

Think Open Space

Regardless of how big your bathroom floor plan is, one of the most effective bathroom remodeling trends in Los Angeles is remembering to use your space in the most advantageous way you can. There’s just something about walking into a space with clean surfaces and no clutter that helps the mind relax.

If you have difficulty keeping your bathroom clean, this should be one of the first issues you tackle with your bathroom remodel job. Start by looking into different furniture, shelving, and organizers that will fit in seamlessly with your setup and keep your floor plan open.

Time for Technology

You may view your morning routine as a time to step away from technology, but incorporating high tech into your Pasadena home helps to bring immense comfort and relaxation! The key is simply knowing what you do and do not need. In today’s world of modern technology, installing a shower that turns on with the touch of a button is made easy with the right contracting team.

Another fantastic application of technology in your bathroom remodel is incorporating some sort of sound system into your space. You’ll be able to play your favorite music while you prepare for your big day and relax to soothing jazz while you unwind at night!

Tiles, Tiles, Tiles!

Another fantastic way to switch things up is to incorporate new tiles on your walls and floors. Whether you choose to go with a modern look that encapsulates the wonderful innovation that is Los Angeles or incorporate the artistic genius of various world cultures, tiles will fit with anyone’s bathroom styles. Plus, since tiles come in so many fantastic colors and materials, you can build them into your setup with minimal changes to the rest of your layout.

A Day at the Spa

Who says you have to wait to schedule an appointment for a day at the spa? One of the best things to incorporate into your bathroom remodel job is a spa-like space! Think about replacing your bathtub for something more resort-esque. Not only will this amplify the relaxing vibe of your bathroom, it will pay off as a long-term investment!

Wonderful Wooden Accents

Last but not least, don’t forget to invest in some nice wooden accents for your Pasadena home! Whether it’s a new floor or some nice trim, wood helps to enhance the natural calm that should come from the most sacred room in your home. An added bonus is that the varying types of wood come in a wide range of shades that are sure to compliment your current style!

It’s time to remodel your bathroom and make it the ultimate space for relaxation and wellbeing in your home! Let us make sure your remodeling experience is handled by our expert services! Handyman Connection of Pasadena offers fantastic response times and prides itself in our high-quality workmanship. We only accept the best - because that’s what our customers deserve!

Call us at 626-744-0402 or visit us at for a complete list of our fantastic services!

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