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5 Kitchen Trends to Consider In 2020

While Covid-19 rages on and we’re all stuck indoors, at Handyman Connection of Los Angeles in Pasadena, we urge you to stay safe and careful. However, just because we are stuck indoors doesn’t mean that the days need to drag on and be monotonous. The important thing to remember is that this will be over sooner than later, and we just need to keep doing our bit.

This week, we bring to you the latest trends in kitchen design to watch out for this year. Who knows, 2020 may be the year you get inspired to build your dream kitchen! Let’s dive right in…

Metal, meet Metal!

It seems entirely possible that the world and interior designers have not had their fill of metallics yet and in particular, of matte and frosted gold finishes. Gone are the boring silver steel taps. To give your kitchen an instant upgrade, think of your plumbing in a muted gold- an instant touch of royalty without having to barter your kidneys for money!

Only an Amazon search away… actually, hang on, let us help you with that. Here you go, click here to be blown away by how luxe these kitchen fittings are, just because they are a decadent shade of gold.

Back to the Stone Age!

If you want to up your kitchen’s style quotient, get it some stone! Materials like granite and marble are huge trends this year- they are easy to install, just give your Handyman Connection guys a call at (626) 744-0402 and we will do all the heavy lifting for you! Marble is a great way to make your kitchen a work of art. Use something with a gold or rose gold vein in it and match it to your new gold taps. Marble can be used as a backsplash or as a countertop and is super easy to clean.

Color Pops!

Ever read that book of rules which tells you not to mix or pair one color shade with the other? Yeah, us neither! Go wild with your imagination in 2020. Mix shades and colors that you don’t normally see together and watch your kitchen become an eclectic display of your uninhibited mind!

The easiest way to add a splash of color is to paint a bare wall with a bright, popping color like sunshine yellow or teal and match the surroundings to the wall. And if you don’t trust yourself to paint a wall without making a total mess, we’re only a call away at (626) 744-0402.

Look Ma, no Hand(les)!

Imagine all your kitchen cabinets with no handles. While this might not be for everyone, this style is making a major comeback because of the seamlessly clean look it lends to the kitchen. Here’s an article from Houzz that looks at this trend in more detail.


Yes, technology. And no, we don’t mean the uber expensive talking fridges and ovens. Having said that, if they ever invent a fridge that can tell us to stop raiding it at midnight, we’d be the first ones to buy it.

We’re talking about appliances that aren’t as expensive but still make your life so much easier. Think sous vide machines, intelligent coffee makers and even a Bluetooth temperature probe that connects to your phone. There are so many products out there that will have you wondering how you’ve done without them till today! Here’s a great list for you to look at!

No matter what your remodeling goals are, at Handyman Connection of Los Angeles in Pasadena, we serve the residents of Pasadena and Los Angeles and are ready to help you with any project! Give us a call at (626) 744-0402 and talk to one of our experienced handymen today!

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