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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Remodeling Your Basement

Authors who work in the horror genre always seem to think that a basement is little more than a creepy dungeon where monsters breed. But for those of us living in the real world, this does not begin to approach the truth. Right now, you might think your basement looks like a dungeon. Then again, that’s precisely the reason you may also be harboring dreams of turning what you see as something negative into a full den or family room aglow with positive energy. In other words, you might be thinking about remodeling your basement. And you absolutely can. Shown below are some tips and helpful information to get you started.

1. Don’t be intimidated

We’re going to start here, because we’ve found that a lot of Los Angeles county residents do tend to get intimidated with just one look down those basement stairs. Unsightly support beams in the middle of the floor, windows and doors that don’t match up with the ideas in your head, stairs in the wrong place...all of these issues and more can scare people off a project before they even begin. For remodeling professionals, however, they are not really issues at all. Rest assured that almost everything you see can be modified to accommodate your imagination.

2. Safe ceilings

Many homes in the Pasadena, Altadena, and Arcadia area of California have basements with rather low ceilings. Keep this fact in mind when planning out your adjustments. Sometimes that low ceiling simply will not do. In these cases, a good option is to dig down until the floor is far enough away from overhead beams and plumbing. That plumbing can also be relocated to places more discreet, like a closet or under the stairs.

3. Keep it dry

Speaking of water, we would be remiss not to mention that it is common for homes to suffer moisture seepage through their foundation. The source of this seepage must be found and neutralized before remodeling in that specific area takes place. Simply patching or covering things up won’t stand the test of time. You’ll wind up with damp insulation that can become moldy. It won’t smell good, either. The team you hire to remodel your basement will easily track a leakage source and take care of the problem.

4. Retrofit for earthquakes

Don’t skip this step for your Southern California abode. Need we say why? All finished basements in earthquake-prone areas should have their foundations bolted down and shearwall reinforcing the wall between the flooring and the foundation (this is commonly known as a pony wall). Have this done while the walls are still open during remodeling to save yourself some money, as costs will rise if a placed wall needs to be removed for the job.

5. Hazardous materials

There is no price tag for the safety of your loved ones; therefore, it’s a good idea to pinpoint and eliminate hazardous materials from your basement. Homes built in the 1950s and before tended to utilize asbestos sealant for ductwork seams. Many pre-1978 homes used lead paint. Trained contractors who know their work well can identify poisonous materials and make your basement a safe place to spend time.

For solutions to all of the above and more, get in touch with Handyman Connection of Pasadena at 626-744-0402 and find out just how close you are to having the remodeled basement of your dreams. Creepy dungeons are no match for our talent, persistence, and ingenuity. Give us a call today.

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