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5 Tips to Remodeling Your Bathroom on a Budget

Does your heart skip a beat hearing about $20,000 remodeling budget? Despite financial restrictions, do you still want a fresh and new bathroom for your home? You don’t need to break the bank, or take out a sizable personal loan, to remodel to revive your old bathroom.

Here’s some tips to take on a remodeling project for your bathroom with a limited budget.

Paint vs Tiles

Some want to splatter tiles all over their bathroom: floors, walls, shower stalls. However, tiles can easily become a considerable cost, especially if you’ve hired a contractor to install them.

If it is at all possible, avoid applying tiles anywhere besides the floor. A good alternative to adding color and renewal to your bathroom would be to put a fresh, new coat of paint on your walls. You can also repaint cabinets, shelving, and the door to change the atmosphere of your bathroom.

Refinishing/ Touching-Up Your Tub/Shower

Replacing your tub or shower stall is an expensive aspect to your bathroom remodel. If it isn’t completely necessary to replace your tub, don’t do it.

If the issues with your existing shower or tub are purely cosmetic, such as yellowing, cracks, and nicks, refinishing it is an easier, and far cheaper, alternative to replacement.

If you don’t need either a replacement or even a refinishing, you can also attempt to spot fix your tub or stall with easy over-the-counter products.

Being Smart with Plumbing

Plumbing is an important aspect of a bathroom renovation that needs to be considered carefully. If you aren’t familiar with plumbing, and aren’t particularly savvy with tools, your smartest decision would be to simply hire a plumber.

However, there are some basic plumbing jobs that, with a little research and possibly a YouTube video or two, can be done by yourself. Installing a toilet, for example, is a relatively simple job once you know what to do.

If it is at all possible, avoid moving plumbing in your bathroom to change the layout. This job is complex and can be exceedingly expensive to do.

In general, you should assess the work you want done in your bathroom and make an educated decision as to whether or not you can pull off a DIY plumbing job, or if you should play it safe and hire a professional.

Updating Fixtures

One aspect of your bathroom that can be exceptionally easy to update is the fixtures. By changing the fixtures, you’ll be able add a refreshing feel to your same, old bathroom.

Little things, that can add a new flare and refreshing feel to your bathroom, are fixtures such as:

· Light fixtures

· Towel racks

· Shelving

· Drawer handles/knobs

· Faucets

· Shower heads

Buy Used

Though there is a stigma behind used products, vintage and refurbished features can be of the same quality as new ones. Resources such as Etsy, Craigslist, and local thrift stores can have used mirrors, shelving, faucets and shower heads, and various other fixtures.

Thrifty items can be considerably cheaper than ones bought new from a big retail chain. Many of these used items are already refurbished before they’re sold. Others, that need some love, can be refinished with some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint.


If you’re taking on a project such as a bathroom remodeling, a simply deck remodeling, or something more complex like a kitchen remodeling, Handyman Connection is the perfect resource for services. Located in the areas of Los Angeles, Altadena, and Pasadena, they can be contacted at (626) 744-0402.

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