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7 Steps to A Sublime Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling your kitchen sometimes seems so farfetched, even when you are eventually renovating your Los Angeles home, it’s not likely you will remember every great idea you ever had, to resuscitate the heart of your home. Even if you somehow managed to jot it down, getting all to go with the latest trends might be a mammoth of a task. Here are our seven steps to help get the remodel going and push you in the right direction.

The Premix

It is imperative that you look at exactly how much more space you want and how much of the areas near the kitchen you would like to extend to. This way all the necessary walls that need breaking can be incorporated into your plan early. Make sure you get your plans drawn and approved before we start working. This is also the time to consider designing the entrance walls into arches for that Victorian look or other design styles that can give your kitchen a unique look.

Strip down to the bare minimum.

This is where you can wave goodbye to that old kitchen that’s been holding your inner chef captive. Tear down everything to the exposed wiring, and then get our handyman in Los Angeles in to install the plumbing and wiring. Decide where you want your wall sockets and wastewater extraction points. This is also when you would decide on how the major appliances fit in between the expected layout.

Tiles for miles.

To visually extend the look of your kitchen, try getting a large tile size, getting a cool white tile would be an excellent choice and it will bode well with any color you choose, while allowing all light, natural or other to reflect beautifully. While we on tiles, the most modern kitchens always have a back splash, you just need to know where you would like to place it, above the oven or maybe even around the new arch.

Get in shape The shape of your cabinets is all about convenience, and this is what will make you feel most at home, within a space that you will love for years. Being able to work on more than one flat surface is a blessing, so try to get in more than one working station or a nice island in the middle, it helps tremendously when you don’t want to mix the messy parts of your gourmet dish with that of the intricate plating. The U shape is quite common for a reason as it allows the most amounts of cabinets and workspace.

Save the space.

When looking at counter tops, colors that are trending now are lighter granite or quarts for the top, and darker cabinets like a midnight blue or even space grey. Try matching your counter tops with the floor tile. Fill in every nook and cranny with a drawer; you can even cover the sides of cabinets with false drawers that open up to USB ports and more wall sockets.

Picture perfect.

Letting in natural light is great on any room, and when you allow it to reflect of white or just naturally lighten up a dark colored kitchen, you will surely get an elegant look. Don’t have window space? No problem. Get a skylight in there to allow a heavenly glow. Under counter lights also spice things up, allowing you to keep the kitchen on display while you have family or friends over for dinner.

Let it be you.

You deserve this piece of art that you are planning on creating, so make sure you add a little something for yourself in here, save a corner for something you love, maybe a coffee bar, or tea station or anything that makes you feel good.

Whether you looking to make gourmet meals or cook up fragrant storms of spice, you now have a kitchen worthy of a master chef.

Our team has done extensive training to make sure your kitchen remodeling task is in the safe hands of Los Angeles home remodeling company. We work with our clients, getting you your desired result. Contact Handyman Connection of Pasadena at 626-744-0402 today for a free quote and get your kitchen remodeling project underway.

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