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7 Things to Avoid During Your Bathroom Remodel

If you’ve decided to remodel your bathroom, you’ve probably scrolled through dozens of pictures on what you want your bathroom to look like. While bathroom remodeling costs average around $10,508 nationally, the average ranges from $12,000 to $25,600 in the Los Angeles area (source). But before you ponder over whether you should attempt a DIY job, let’s look at a few things that you SHOULD NOT DO while remodeling your bathroom.

DO NOT Start Without A Proper Plan

More times than we can count, we’ve seen people start off a bathroom remodeling without a proper plan that includes precise measurements. Imagine pulling out the toilet and then realizing your measurements are off! Your plan should include any new design elements and materials that you intend to use for your remodel. Keep your budget reasonable and allow for extra to deal with unanticipated costs.

DO NOT Sacrifice Function For Looks

No matter how snazzy your new bathroom remodeling appears in your head, do not sacrifice practical functionality for looks. If you’re going all out and changing the plumbing, make sure that the new design allows for comfortable spacing so that you’re not constantly bumping into things on a busy “the alarm didn’t go off” Monday morning.

DO NOT Ignore Ventilation

The easiest way to throw all your effort away is to ignore ventilation. Irrespective of how beautiful your new countertop is, if you don’t add in a good exhaust fan, you run the risk of creating a space that is ideal for mold to thrive in. Ideally, your ventilation system should be able to change the air about 8 times every hour. The Home Ventilating Institute has an easy way of figuring out how much ventilation you would need in your space.

DO NOT Move the Fixtures unless it’s Unavoidable

A major cost saving tip is to only change the plumbing system if it is absolutely necessary. Moving the plumbing during a bathroom remodeling will take a huge chunk out of your budget. If you have to, get a professional handyman to do it.

DO NOT Buy Materials Not Designed For Bathrooms

This one is really a no-brainer. With the amount of humidity and temperature fluctuations in your bathroom, you should only focus on materials that are designed to withstand this kind of daily wear and tear. When you start your bathroom remodel, check and double check all furniture and fixtures you intend to install. Nothing spoils the look of a bathroom than a warped floor.

DO NOT Be Blinded By Trends

If you are someone who likes to stay updated with the latest trends but realizes that fashion changes all the time, a good idea would be to keep the floors or countertops neutral hued so that you can add elements that are in style and still have a jazzy space. For example, keeping the shower area a classic design and accessorizing with bold metallics in the form of mirrors or wall art is always a good idea. This way, you can change your add ons and still be “flash” without having to constantly remodel the whole bathroom.

DO NOT Underestimate Storage

If you think about it, the need for storage is constantly underestimated while remodeling your bathroom. Sure, those minimalist Pinterest bathrooms are close to perfection but where are you supposed to store all your toiletries or makeup or extra towels? Factor in your storage needs while drawing up your plan and if you bring in someone to help, be sure to discuss this with them so that it can be built into the design of your new bathroom.

At Handyman Connection of Pasadena, every craftsman has more than ten years of experience each and we pride ourselves on being able to bring your bathroom remodeling dreams to reality. Call us today on (626)-744-0402 for help with your remodeling needs in Los Angeles and Pasadena.

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