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7 Tips on Remodeling Your Kids Dream Room

A kid’s imagination is limitless and therefore impossible to capture in a room, but a well-designed boy’s room can help be his podium to life. It will now be your son’s dreams coming to life and no one better than you to recreate it for him while you add functionality and education to the mix. Living in Los Angeles or Pasadena makes things much easier since you can do remodels year-round due to the nice weather.

Merging imaginations

Firstly, ascertain what your child wants in his room and then decide on how much of his room will be the play area, how much will go towards storage, sleeping space and how much will go toward educational tools. It’s also imperative to have floor space, preferably wooden so bumps and bruises are softer. Add a space for his favorite board game, get a chalkboard on the wall, draw height measure and let him mark his own growth. You can even add a mini basketball hoop, so he gets the blood flowing even behind closed doors.

Sleep in space

The bed will always take the most amount of space and rightly so, because bedrooms are meant for sleeping in, you can use the bed to the theme setter, but allow your son to choose the graphic or design that best expresses his favorite hobby or dream activity, knowing what he likes will help you design exactly what he wants, but communication between the two of you is key. Try to let the designs be more graphics and wall papers so it can be changed easily at a low cost. The design of the bed can even be a room in a room so as to allow him a sense of independence while he inhabits that space. Get a professional contractor to design and remodel the bed area for you.


The color of the room can be based on the theme of the bed but try to keep one or two areas of a consistent color, let that be the area where you need him to focus and concentrate on a task.

Toys storage

You have the idea of building the bed between two walls; use the space on either side of the bed as cupboards for clothing, shoes and even a display cabinet for his favorite toys, pictures or trophies. Get rid of the monster under the bed and replace him with storage place for blankets or more space for his special toys. Purchase stackable storage boxes which are shorter than him in funky colors, this way he can easily reach his toys and cleaning up will be a breeze for him.

Overlooking stars

Use the ceiling, make it a point to use every overhead inch, get your graphic designer doing the other graphics to blend something in with the theme of his room.

Lighten up his life

Add a theme generated center light as well, but don’t let the light be too bright, rather make it a warm white so as to keep the atmosphere cool, calm and soothing.

In addition, add an area in the room that’s comfortable for adults, so you can spend time with him in his space doing homework or doodling with him on his chalkboard wall.

Contracting the remodeling to a professional is usually the best approach to go about your home remodeling project. If you are looking for professional to help your remodel your kids room contract Handyman Connection of Pasadena today at 626-744-0402. Handyman Connection professionals service the whole Los Angeles and San Gabriel areas so call today for your free estimate.

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