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9 Unique Renovation Ideas

The beauty of renovating your home is that the sky is the limit. There are some really unique and awesome ideas out there to spruce things up. You can change up your home to a more modern, sleek feel, or a traditional, minimalist style. Whatever your vision, you can hire a handyman to do the work for you and make the experience as hassle free as possible. Hiring a handyman ensures that the work is done properly and safely. Here are 9 unique ways to spice up your home with the help of a handyman.

1. Staircase Bookcase

Utilize the space underneath your staircase by installing a bookcase. A handyman can install shelving underneath the stairs or add cubbyholes on the side. This gives your home a unique appeal and also saves on storage space.

2. Install a Mini Fridge Into Your Kitchen Island

If your kitchen island has zero storage space and you want to make use of the extra space, consider hiring a handyman to install a mini fridge. The Handyman Connection of Pasadena has handymen trained in electrical work and can hook things up for you so it functions as a regular fridge would.

3. Install a Wine Rack on Kitchen Island

For the sophisticated wine lovers, you can hire a handyman to install wine storage on your kitchen island. If things change and you no longer have any use for wine storage, you can still make use of the cubbyholes by putting spices in them, etc.

4. Add Curtains to Your Patio

If you have a deck or patio or want some privacy, you can get curtains installed that you can open or close with whatever your preference is that day. On a side note, if you don’t have a deck or patio, you can hire a handyman to build one for you.

5. Built-in Fireplace Seating

If you have a fireplace and want to add a unique touch, consider getting a handyman to build some stone or brick seating next to it. This way you and your guests can have a nice cup of tea and enjoy the warmth and convenience of sitting directly next to the fire.

6. Add Mirrored Tiles

One way to add a unique touch and bring in the illusion of light to any room, is to add mirrored tiles to the wall. Mirrored tiles add an elegant, extravagant mood to a room, and are a great addition to your guest bathroom.

7. Staircase Drawers

A great way to save on storage space and impress your guests is to hire a handyman to install drawers on the staircase. You can store anything from shoes, to out of season jackets, and books. It’s all up to you.

8. Dog Shower

This idea is mainly for those with pets. As strange and silly as it sounds, a handyman can install a dog shower in your garage for convenience, so you don’t have to contaminate your own bathtub with fur after a dog bath.

9. Garden Shed

What makes this idea unique is that it is not an ordinary storage shed. A beautiful touch to your garden is to replace your dim storage shed with a refurbished garden shed. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore, as a handyman can put siding on it, and focus on the details from window frame paint and baseboard painting. You can customize it to look like a mini home.

Hire a Handyman, Today

The Handyman Connection of Pasadena can send a handyman to your door to achieve your unique, renovating needs. We do everything from electrical work to decks and remodeling. Visit our website or give us a call at (626) 744-0402 to get your free estimate.

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