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Bathroom Contractor – 7 Unique Design Ideas for Bathroom

Bathroom Contractor – Before you get into any bathroom remodeling in Pasadena, it can be extremely helpful for you to know exactly what you want. The problem is that you may not have any ideas for your bathroom remodel Contractor. You know that you want something new, but maybe not know what you want. This article will take a look at some great and unique design ideas to give you inspiration for your remodeling project. A good Bathroom Contractor can help you with all your remodeling needs!

1. The Modern White Bathroom

Clean lines and white walls and fixtures are a popular choice when it comes to bathrooms. People like the simplicity and how clean these bathrooms look. This is particularly true when the designs all seem to flow together, making a cohesive looking bathroom space. One really popular design style in this approach is taking the white floor tile all the way through the shower space.

2. Daring Black Spaces

Another modern and stylish trend is creating a space where the walls and the tiles are all black, while adding pops of color with the art or fixtures in the space. Black is a color that has long been associated with sophistication and elegance, which can be very appealing to homeowners and their guests.

3. Pebble Tiles

Pebble tiles are growing in popularity, especially when it comes to your walk-in showers. Some homeowners opt to keep this tile on the shower floor, while others decide to use the pebble tile as accents with their shower wall tile. You can really do anything with this option, which creates a natural feel in any bathroom. This can be a great feature for those who want a beach themed bathroom.

4. Spa Simplicity

When redoing a bathroom, people commonly ask for that spa-like feeling every time that they enter into their bathroom. You could go with a luxurious spa bathroom, with a lot of frills. Or, you could opt for “spa simplicity”. For instance, just a simple design with a free-standing tub. People are starting to favor minimalism, which is why this can be a stylish design choice.

5. Wallpaper

Many people have misconceptions about wallpaper. They associate this with old styles of the past. But wallpaper is making a comeback. You can go as bold or subtle as you want here. You can just use it as an accent wall. You can just use a solid color textured wallpaper. You can make a small powder room look bigger with bold wallpaper designs. You have a lot of different style options with wallpaper.

6. Honeycomb Tile

Honeycomb tile is a versatile option that can look great in many different applications. You can keep the tile as your flooring tile, or you can use it throughout the entire space. You can even mix and match different colorings of this tile to create contrast in the space. What’s great about this tile is that when you use it throughout the space, it can make the bathroom look wider due to its unique shape.

7. Rustic Minimalism

Rustic bathrooms have been made very popular by designers on HGTV. Adding these rustic touches can make for an incredibly stylish bathroom that you can love. Distressed wood and concrete flooring can be a great touch in these spaces. You don’t need to go for luxurious extravagance to have a chic bathroom.


Your bathroom is your sanctuary. That’s why it’s important to have a well-designed and functional bathroom. At Handyman Connection of Pasadena, we want to make sure that you get the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of. This article offers you some great ideas where you can find the inspiration you need for designing the perfect bathroom. Once you decide on which design you want for your bathroom, contact us today so that we can make your bathroom dreams come true.

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