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Cleaning a Concrete Driveway Without a Pressure Washer

There is a quick and easy way to up your appeal game: make your driveway clean! It is the same as vacuuming the outside of your house which your neighbors, family and visitors are sure to notice. It also protects the surface of your driveway from any damage.

Continue reading to learn how to get rid of those tough stains, tidy up and scrub your driveway without using expensive, water-guzzling and hard to find equipment. These steps are simple, quick and can be followed by any homeowner to easily make the exterior of their house eye-catching!

How to Get Rid of Oil Stains from Your Driveway

Tired of the greasy stains covering your driveway? Follow these simple steps to clean them up using materials which are easily available in your home.

● Absorb as much oil as you can using paper towels.

● Spray brake cleaner, WD-40 or any commercial stain remover on the stain and completely saturate the area. Wait for five minutes and wipe it up using a rag. WD-40 would not damage your driveway so you can use it without any concerns. If you wish for another cleaner, look for something biodegradable to avoid killing your plants or lawn. Also, you can use a kitty litter to absorb the stains.

● Dribble some grease removing dish soap on any remnants of the stain. Pour some hot water and scrub the area using a nylon or wire brush.

● Finally, rinse the entire area using boiling water.

● Repeat these steps according to your requirements.

How to Get Rid of Tree Sap from Your Driveway

Tree saps are another common problem in driveways. The following steps will walk you through the simple process of getting rid of tree sap from your driveway and making it as good as new.

● Begin by scrubbing the area with a petroleum based hand cleanser using a scrub brush or a clean shop cloth.

● Keep applying the cleaner and scour till the stains have been completely scrubbed off.

● Mop up the sap and the cleaner using paper towels.

● Rinse the area with the help of a hose.

Scrub and Sweep

Make your driveway free of any grass, weeds or other vegetation growing through cracks in the concrete or between slabs. Simply pluck them out and sweep them away. Using a leaf blower is best suited for clearing debris and dirt. Following this, clean any other stains that are present on the surface of the driveway using soapy hot water. Once you are done, simply wash off the driveway using a hose or a bucket.

External Handyman Services

Now that you have successfully made your driveway stain free, how does the rest of your home look? Contact Handyman Connection, Pasadena for help with other exterior home improvement tasks. We provide remodeling and handyman services. Another amazing way to boost the curb appeal of your home is by maintaining your lawn. We advise hiring professionals for lawn maintenance and lawn fertilization. Contact us today to upgrade your house and improve the existing facilities at 626-744-0402 and we will send you one of our skilled craftsmen to provide you with a free estimate!

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