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Door Replacement - 5 Handsome Door Designs for Your Home

August 03, 2022

Door Replacement - After coming up the curved front steps of my home, the first thing I have to do is unlock a shoddy door with a broken handle. The handle still works, mind you, but it jiggles, and the latch can be fussy on a good day, downright grouchy on a bad one. Oh, and did I mention the wood is gouged on the bottom, courtesy the toenails of my two pesky dogs? It is. This, I must say, is not the kind of welcome I envision when receiving guests. The proverbial bad first impression rears its terrible head. Forget the wine and cheese. It’s all downhill from here. I need Door Replacement!

For me anyway. But for your Pasadena home there are countless choices of a most lovely array in wait when it comes time to purchase a new front door for door replacement. In this article we’ll have a look at five. Read on and spare yourself my fate.

Classic Red

This is a favorite of mine. Many homes in the Pasadena area employ this look as a means to capture the feel of a northern cottage on a winter’s day. Often these doors are framed in white to really bring out their wood. Gold colored handles add a touch of sleigh-bell charm. A red front door does not give a warning. Quite the reverse, it’s a welcome with warmth. Door Replacement would be a good option here!

Wood Raised Panel

Here we have another traditional style highly popular as a complement to porch-ways. A wide range of panel designs are at the purchaser’s disposal, as well as window patterns and, of course, colors for the door itself. As with classic red, a bright white frame really brings out the cheerfulness of the beloved wood raised panel door.

Fiberglass Door

These sturdy, handsome doors provide the look of old English oak without having to make a long, arduous trip to Loxley for the material. Rather, it is quite readily available in the surrounding areas of Pasadena, Arcadia, and Altadena. And not only does it provide the look of real wood, but it’s longer lasting and more energy efficient. Fiberglass doors can do wonders for homeowners seeking a majestic look for their entranceways.

Single Arched Door

Now for those of you in pursuit of a rustic, deep-in-the-woods cottage appeal, it’s hard to pass up on one of these doors. Arched doorways tend to look quite lovely on Tudor and castle style homes, but really, they’re a prize for any architectural era. Brick-lined frames—often smothered in blooming vines—lend them a quaint, cozy accent.

Carved Wood Door

A carved wood door on the front step gives houses a regal, masculine look that is sure to get noticed from the street. Its imposing face commands sobriety while at the same time welcomes visitors with distinguished grace. Carved wooden doors work well on just about any house, but especially those with long front walks that seem to draw guests into their impeccable charm.

The talented crew at Handyman Connection of Pasadena is more than capable of helping you choose the perfect door for your abode; and afterward, they’ll install it using precision care and faultless technique. Call them today at 626-744-0402.

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