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Four Phases for a fabulous bathroom

Whether you are planning an entire home remodel or just wanting to do up the guest bathroom, doing a bathroom renovation can be the least stress full of the lot. Below are four phases you should go through before you see the end result.

Phase 1: Skin it down to the skeleton

Rip the tiles out. Call Handyman Connection of Pasadena the contractors in Pasadena, Los Angeles, a general contractor specialized in home remodels. Get them to break a wall or two if you planning an expansion for a walk in shower and a stand alone tub in one room. If you have the option of breaking into the ceiling, get the contractor to add a sun tunnel. Try for as much of the Pasadena sun to reflect of your new shiny tiles. Some of the removals can be done DIY if you feeling the crunch on the budget. For the plumbing and rewiring, explain the details of your requirements to your handy man, in order to avoid adjustments later on. Regardless of the budget, it’s never nice to break something that was just made.

Phase 2: Tile with style

Now that your structure is setup, it’s time to get creative with the colors of your tiles, mosaics and if required, painting. Go for non-slip tiles, preferably 120cm x 120cm so as to limit the amount of grouting, going with 1 color of tile and size throughout the bathroom is a popular choice as well. At this point you can add in your mosaics to splice things up and add that personal touch to areas like the walk in shower or at the centre of your bath, maybe even at the centre of each wall. Get the professionals to lay the tiling as leaks in the water proofing can be a costly affair, this way you can enjoy the peace of mind of the contractor’s warranty. Adding an extractor fan will aid in keeping the fresh, mould free, and assist also in getting the foul smells out.

Phase 3: And then there was fun

Now you finally get to go shopping for all the new bath ware. Go all out here if your budget allows it. Look for multi-function shower panels, stand-alone baths, toilets, mirrors, basins, heated shower rails and a contemporary bathroom cabinet. All the better if the toilet and cabinet give a floating look. The walk in shower will need a screen so you don’t have to keep mopping up in the bathroom and also gives it a bit of a romance. Since your bathroom is separated into four major function zones, separate lighting for each zone is an option to look at. If you have a smaller bathroom, go with one bright centralized cool white light and a vanity mirror to exhale your brightness. If you looking for a more spacey look in a small bathroom, add more mirrors across the windows so as to visually extend it.

Phase 4: I love it when a plan comes together

The final phase is upon you, you are almost at the end, but this is the most fragile step. All the puzzle pieces are coming together, the contractors work fusing with the handyman’s plumbing, which in turn flows through your choices of hardware. Bathroom linen colors can be chosen between your mosaics and basin top marble color or even just stick to white.

If all is working well and you feel content with all your hard work, then fill the bath throw some bath salts in and relax while you reflect on your success. you deserve it.

While we are talking materials and hardware, you should consider hiring a pickup truck if you don’t have one already, deliveries of these materials prove to be a costly affair while doing a home remodel in Pasadena. Ask your contractor or handyman for a list of the items he needs, and the brand that he uses and do some research on the pricing, if you find it cheaper, that can really drop the cost by a considerable amount.

At Handyman Connection of Pasadena we are alway available to answer any questions you may have. We can also provide you with a free estimate on all your projects and help you get the remodel you always dreamed of! So don't wait! Call us at 626-744-0402 to schedule your free consultation!

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