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Four Ways to Ensure A Safe Home For You And Yours

According to the National Fire Protection Association, electrical failures or malfunctions is the second leading cause of United States home fires over the past decade, which account for 13% of home structure fires. These are disturbing numbers, especially during wildfire season in the Los Angeles and Pasadena areas. Trouble can start from the minute simple details get overlooked, be they related to maintenance or proper checks of these electrical connections.

What are some ways to keep your home and family safe from issues like these and other dangers? Explore the following tips to stop your worries and sleep better at night.

Hardwired Smoke Detectors

Are hardwired smoke detectors a good investment for your home? The answer to this is a big yes. Hardwired smoke detectors are connected to your house’s electrical systems and are more reliable than traditional battery-operated devices. With hardwired gadgets, there is no guessing game on the need for a replacement. The integration with your home also assures higher accuracy. And should the power ever go off, most integrated detectors come equipped with battery-reserve.

Installing and Wiring For Backup Generators

An increasing number of homes in the United States are equipped with backup generators to kick in, in case of power outages. Whether it is a choice between portable generators or a huge, more permanent power supply, homes are safer with these systems, especially when they’re installed by professionals. Often times electrical connections are not a do-it-yourself activity. Wiring and breakers are specifically installed according to your electrical blueprint and load calculations.

Safety devices are also connected to these backup generators. They should be checked before ignition to ensure a trouble-free start.

Surge Protectors

Even if power surges can be rare, they are your electronic appliances’ biggest enemies. Unwanted increase of voltage damages them in the long run, or even right away. These are caused when appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, or computers are turned on and off during intermittent surges of power.

Surge protectors can be in the form of sectional-security for plugged devices like auto-voltage regulators (AVRs). Point-of-Use Surge Protection only protects appliances that are plugged in directly and can be useful when protection is needed on a short time budget.

Installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Not all danger comes from fire. Carbon monoxide is considered a silent killer because it is odorless, colorless, and deadly poisonous when a person is exposed to fumes in a confined space. Carbon monoxide emanates primarily from burned carbon fuel like gasoline, propane, coal or wood.

Installing CO detectors is the easiest way of preventing your household from this poison. The alarm only stops once the presence of this fume lowers to a safe level.

The care and safety of your loved ones should never be a second priority. As you well understand this, so do the professionals at Handyman Connection of Pasadena. Call us today for a complete safety evaluation and upgrade to your home. We’re easy to reach at 626-744-0402.

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