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Home Remodel - Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal

Home Remodel - July 14, 2022 - Curb appeal & Home Remodel is something that home-owners always talk about, but what really makes for an exterior that is more attractive than others? There are steps you can take that have proven to be effective when you want to make a difference in the first reaction someone has to your house. It’s always a good idea to improve upon your curb appeal with a Home Remodel, especially when selling your home, and here are some ways you can do just that.

1. Update your front porch.

The entryway to your house is probably the first thing people will notice, so it is important to have nice-looking and functional outdoor furniture that people could see themselves enjoying a cup of coffee on. If you don’t have a large enough area for furniture, make sure the porch still feels homey with some potted plants on either side of your door.

2. Add a fresh coat of paint.

Have you ever walked by a house and thought that it would look great, if only they would just update the paint job? Well, whether or not the paint is chipping yet, it’s always good to freshen up the color after it has been exposed to the sun for a few years. You can either stick with the same color or go with something new and exciting, but it will look better either way.

3. Go with dark and/or wooden accents to give depth to your light-colored house (or light accents if your paint color is dark).

Shutters, pillars, gables, and window trim are all places where you can break up the main paint color of your house. By making these few changes, you will give your house a more three dimensional look. If you don’t already have shutters, consider adding them, because they will make your house cozier and more private.

4. Update your front door or install a new one.

One of the best ways to make your house catch someone’s eye from the street is to paint your front door a bold color and/or buy one that is different than the traditional shape. Some eye-catching colors include red, turquoise, yellow, or even pink. If these paint colors are paired with a door which is rounded instead of square at the top, it will make for a unique appearance that will attract all the right kind of attention. People like to be surprised, and one way to surprise onlookers is by making choices that many others are scared to make.

5. Implement light fixtures into your outdoor space.

The use of light outside of your home is just important as the use of it inside. If you want people to be able to see your house at night and make it more welcoming in the evening hours, consider adding two light sconces to either side of your front door. If you want to take it a step further, illuminate your house even more by putting up-facing lights on the ground. This addition will highlight your gorgeous, newly renovated home; show off your hard work with this easy installation.

Selling a home isn’t always easy, but, if you put in the time to make these small changes, your efforts will be rewarded. While considering making all of these updates, make sure you find the right Los Angeles handyman or Pasadena handyman to take on the job. Entrusting someone else with your home improvement is not always easy, but Handyman Connection is here to make your Los Angeles or Pasadena remodel as smooth as possible. Give us a call at (626)-744-0402 when you’re ready to make your home into a realtor’s dream! At Handyman Connection we are always happy to help!

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