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Home Remodeling: All Things Color Scheme

One of the first things that comes to mind after committing to the task of remodeling your house, is what your new color scheme will be. You want it to look elegant and sleek, yet you don’t want it to be boring and dull. This choice can be daunting if you don’t know where to start!

We are here to provide you with some tips to help you decide:

1. Start with the biggest room.

This will generally be the bedroom or the kitchen. Start by deciding what color scheme you want for this room before moving on to the other, less significant rooms. A good tip is to start with a neutral base color, this increases your options of other color combinations.

2. Build your color scheme using the same hue.

Stick to the same hue for your whole house. This means that you can either choose colors that are next to your chosen color on the paint chip, above or below it, or even just add a little bit of white or black to the original color. This ensures that all of your colors go well together, while still adding depth to each room.

3. Keep in mind which rooms are visible to one another.

If you can see into a room while standing in a different room, make sure that the color schemes are compatible and don’t clash.

4. Neutral color schemes.

Consider a neutral color scheme throughout the house. If this look is something that appeals to you, then it’s the perfect way to create a good flow throughout your house. It also gives off a feeling of elegance, while still maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look. Keep in mind that if you choose to go the neutral route, it is crucial to add a lot of different textures to avoid a dull look.

5. Find your inspiration.

Whether you choose to scroll through Pinterest to find the perfect dream room, or to simply take inspiration from a painting that you love, make sure to embrace your creative side and keep your mind open to different possibilities. Taking inspiration from nature often produces aesthetically pleasing results.

6. Pick a pattern.

Find a rug or a pillow that has a pattern that you like and go from there. Use the colors in the pattern to design your room’s color scheme.

7. Make it pop.

If you have chosen a relatively neutral color scheme, considering adding a single bright color to add some character to the room.

8. Consider the lighting.

If a room is naturally dark, avoid using dark colors that absorb the light. Keep in mind that black walls make a room feel very dark, while white walls open up a space and makes it feel light and airy.

9. Balance your color schemes.

If one of the rooms in your house is going to have a very warm color scheme (red, orange and yellow), consider making another room a bit cooler (blue, green and purple). This will help ensure that your house balances out and is a bit more comfortable on the eyes.

10. Test your palette.

Take a white paper and apply all of the chosen paint colors for the whole house next to each other. This will quickly give you an idea of whether the color scheme will work or not, as well as whether it is, in fact, what you are looking for.

If you are looking for a handyman or a complete home remodeler, feel free to call us at 626-744-0402, or visit our website at to find a complete list of our services. You can count on us for any of your general home maintenance needs!

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