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Remodel Pasadena - Add Extra Storage Space by Decluttering

Remodel Pasadena - September 23, 2022 - Wherever we live the buildings seem to have an innate ability to collect and keep items. Items that we long ago have forgotten the reason we acquired them and there they lie, piled up gobbling up space and making the room uncomfortable. We look around and our imagination conjures up extra space, just another room where we can escape the world and read a book or enjoy the creativity of a new hobby. And so, we plan and look at costs of extending and we ignore the inconvenience of days disruption and yet the solution maybe the all too simple, and yet much maligned, ‘let’s get rid of all the stuff we don’t need.’ We have a natural aversion to giving away things for which we paid hard earned money. Remodel Pasadena by Gifts we received long ago from people we once knew but now the only remaining memory is the cookery book with recipes for children that have long since left home. So, let’s go through some helpful ways to open our spaces and create new ones where we can enjoy new non clutter generating activities.

Make a start

A simple start is to begin a two-bag system for items for relocation. One bag is for items that you believe you can deliver to a suitable charity and the other bag is for items that long for the landfill. Typical of the latter are electronic items that have met their demise and now lie forgotten in drawers and cupboards still containing dead batteries leaking their flattened charges over the contacts. Find a local recycling group or a conservancy that specializes in recycling and dispose of the batteries and equipment in a responsible manner. Now we get to the bigger items. The old and unused video recorders of twenty years ago. The ones that can’t quite remember who won the beta or VHF competitions. The same ones we paid a significant amount of money for but now lie unused and a touch moldy at the back of cupboards. They form part of the team of obsolete items, the old battery powered razors, the broken power tools, cd players, and if you get to the very back of the cupboard, the cassette players and battery powered mosquito pads. Out they all go to the recycling. Services offered by Remodel Pasadena.

Donate and de-clutter

The other bag is the recipient of items that have a value. Plates left over from a set that weathered the years of adolescent abuse but can still be used. Kitchen utensils that were bought form a beguiling salesperson who persuaded you that the super centrifugal juice extractor was more than essential in your kitchen where it lay after one use when you realized how difficult it was to clean. Cups and saucers no longer part of a set. All these items are of use to charities and if you make it a rule that each bag receives one item per day well, by the end of the year your living area will have more than 700 areas cleared .

Formulate a planning strategy

Next is the battlefield of the clothes storage. Make it a rule that before you acquire a new item of clothing you identify the item that will be filling the bag for the charity store. Aim to fill a bag within a week and arrange to deliver your bag to the charity store before shopping.

One of the best ways to assess the degree of clutter, and yes, we all have a degree of clutter, is to view the room from the perspective a potential purchaser of the property. Make a list of all the items that play no role in creating a clean and organized look. Make a day for their exit and once cleared the way is open for a new color scheme, a coherent refurbishment, and there you are, your redecorated living space and all the money saved on alterations can be used on beautiful furnishings. if you require any professional guidance and support Handyman Connection of Los Angeles and Handyman Connection of Pasadena can help. Contact us today at 626-744-0402 for helpful advice and guidance.

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