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Remodeler Pasadena - Energy Sources to Consider In 2022

Remodeler Pasadena - October 06, 2022 - Cooking is the central theme of the kitchen. So, it is important to make a good decision regarding the type of appliance that suits your individual needs. Historically cooking utilized solid energy sources like wood and coal which were replaced by the more convenient electric or gas stoves and hobs. However, the introduction of the induction plate system has offered a further alternative and there are many reasons to give the induction plate some serious consideration. In trying to decide which system is best for you consider the following characteristics of each system. Remodeler Pasadena can help you with you Remodeling needs and questions.

Traditional Electric Hobs

Electric hobs are the ones we are most familiar with having been around for over a hundred years. They are more efficient than gas and to some degree are a lot safer to use. Modern hobs are easy to clean and have a good temperature range which can be easily controlled and adjusted as required. Their installation is relatively simple, and they have a versatility that allows them to be fitted in almost all arrangements.

They do however have some disadvantages in comparison to gas and the major one is speed. They tend to take time to warm up and even more important, they remain hot after the appliance has been switched off. A further consideration is that electric appliances are only as reliable as the source of power available. Power outages make the electric hob unusable.

Gas as an alternative

Gas appliances on the other hand are not affected by an unreliable source of power. They produce heat instantaneously and can be switched off just as quickly. Favored in the commercial catering world because of their ability to provide a source of instant and accurate temperature they are exceptionally convenient. Of the three types of appliance, gas is the least efficient and furthermore suffers from the disadvantage that it is adversely affected by wind. Consequently, the utilization of a fan for cooling the kitchen will play havoc with a gas hob something that the electric hob is immune to.

Gas is also at a disadvantage in that the installation requires professional attention and because of the presence of open flame there is the additional risk of fire.

Because of their arrangement gas hobs are more difficult to clean and normally parts must be removed to gain access to all the areas of the hob. The inefficiency of the system does result in the surrounding areas becoming hot and, in smaller kitchens this can become uncomfortable. The conversion of energy for gas powered appliances is less than 40% whereas the efficiency of electrical units is around 70%.

Induction Plate. The new kid on the block

Now if we compare this to the transfer of energy for the induction plate, we move up to almost 90% efficiency in transferring heat to the food. Given this comparison, it is no wonder that the popularity of induction plate equipment is gaining ground over the two more traditional systems. Tests show that of the three systems, the induction plate is by far the fastest method of heating being over twice as fast as electricity.

Installing an induction plate does mean that you won’t get the searingly hot maximum temperatures available on electric plates but very few recipes call for a temperature above 650 degrees, but you will gain the advantage of far greater temperature control. On the safety side it is not possible to leave an induction plate on once the pot or pan has been removed. Normally the unit will provide a warning alarm to tell you that a pot has been removed and the plate has switched itself off.

The prices of induction plates have come down in comparison to gas and electric units and with the ease of installation together with the remarkably high energy efficiencies it is an attractive alternative.

Handyman Connection of Los Angeles and Handyman Connection of Pasadena can help plan, budget, and execute the installation of the energy system most suited to your needs. Contact them today at 626-744-0402 for helpful advice and guidance.

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