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What To Expect From A Handyman

You don’t have the time to do it yourself or you don’t trust yourself enough to do it perfectly- no matter what the reason, we’ve all been at that point when hiring a Handyman becomes necessary. Owning a house comes with its own set of pros and cons. While there’s nothing like coming back to your own home at the end of a tiring day, owning a house also means being accountable for all the repairs and maintenance tasks that arise periodically. Here’s where a reliable service like Handyman Connection of Pasadena comes in.

Here are the top things you can expect from a reliable handyman.

Trained and Licensed

If you think being a handyman is as easy as A.B.C, think again. A professional handyman must have a state contractor license in California to work on jobs that cost more than $500 (including labor and materials). Check your handyman’s licenses before you hire him for a big project like a kitchen or bathroom remodeling. Ask for license numbers if necessary.


The handyman being hired should have his own Liability Insurance policy which will protect you from any unforeseen bills in case there is damage, or someone gets hurt while working on your project. You could ask for a copy of this and call the insurance company if you want to be certain.

Great References

A professional handyman should come with good references and reviews. A great tip is to speak to a neighborhood real estate agent who’s probably sold more than enough houses to know a good handyman. Yelp is another great site to check for reviews while hiring a handyman. Ideally, this should form part of your research before you hire a handyman. Someone responsible and good at their job might not have a snazzy website but will come with heaps of great testimonials. The handymen at Handyman Connection service the Los Angeles and Pasadena areas and have more than a decade of experience each.

Good Communication

A good handyman will always be able to effectively communicate with their clients. Good communication skills are often overlooked but are vital in strengthening relationships with you, the client. The handyman should be able to explain all parts of the project if required, whether it is remodeling a kitchen or bathroom in Los Angeles or even a simple plumbing job. Similarly, job delays during a project can be handled efficiently if communicated to the client in advance.

Adherence to Agreed Timelines

Before you hire a handyman, you must agree on timelines and start and finish dates for the project. A professional will always adhere to agreed upon times unless there are major delay causing circumstances, of which they should inform as soon as possible.

Budget and Prices

While hiring a handyman, make sure to agree on a budget or price for the job so that there is no future cause for concern. A good contractor will stick to the budget specified and give you a breakdown of the charges so that you can be assured of what you’re paying for.

While finding a good handyman can often feel like you’re looking for a unicorn, at Handyman Connection of Pasadena, we pride ourselves on the quality we deliver and our strong work ethic. We are happy to work with you for all your small and big projects, whether it is doing tile work to plumbing or electrical work and down to the little things like hanging your flat screen TV or gutter cleaning. We are only a call away at (626) 744-0402, call us for your free estimates!

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