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5 Backyard Deck Remodeling Ideas

Spending time outdoors is a task that’s frequently found on our to-do lists. Sadly, however, when life gets busy, it’s one of the first things to be neglected. Some of us squander years sporting a sad-looking deck with little to no appeal. Who wants to linger on a platform of weathered wood only to bake in the sun and fight off mosquitoes? This area of our homes is treated as an afterthought because it’s out of sight and out of mind. We don’t often see it as a priority, but when we finally get around to livening up our exterior space, we realize just how much we were missing.

An Open Kitchen

One of the most transformative ways to update your deck is by adding a cooking and dining area. Installing a grill and a food bar is sure to bring the family outside and create a killer party space. You can relax in the open air with a cool beverage while you flip burgers and carry on casual conversations. Building a tile countertop creates an eye-catching focal point and encourages more meals out in the elements. Host breezy birthday celebrations where kids can have the freedom to run and play in-between slices of cake and throw bridal showers with a sizable guest list that’s not confined to a mega-crowded living room. Making food the center of your event is the ultimate method for success.

The Big Screen

The only downside to being in nature is….. the nature. It’s not very easy to relax when bees are lurking around and that pesky fly keeps coming for your drink. Screening in part of your porch is a great compromise that allows you to enjoy the outdoors free of any annoying aspects. You can take a nap on your patio furniture without having to worry about invaders of any kind. The breeze still blows through, but the dust and debris stay behind which makes it easier for you to keep your soon-to-be favorite room clean. With this perfect happy medium, you’re able to safely relish in all of the good things associated with an external environment.

Heating Things Up

Another awesome amenity that may be worth adding to your deck is an outdoor fireplace. It’s an appliance that will benefit the whole family year-round. Chilly winter weather can be toned down with the warmth of burning wood and summer nights become animated campfire sessions with spooky stories and scrumptious s’mores. There are many different styles to choose from and it all depends on your preferences. Blazes built into the wall offer a more practical and aesthetic approach to safely enjoy. Open arrangements create a feeling of community as people gather around the flames and make memories. Some stone designs even serve as elaborate centerpiece that complete your patio look. If you’re not into start up and stoking, opt for an automatic model. One flip of a switch, and the job is done.

Getting Shady

The simplest approach to transforming your backyard into an oasis is to install some covered areas. Having a cool place to relax will surely draw you and your crew outside. There are several different styles that will accomplish this, each with their own unique design elements and price points. You may want to extend your roof, which is a great option for full protection from weather like rain and snow. It’s also a necessity if you’re looking to add a screened-in section to your porch. Another type of overhead structure is a pergola, which provides just the right amount of coverage and instantly creates a trendy space. The great thing about these arrangements is their versatility. You can either leave the gapped spaces bare or put a canopy on top to cool things down.

Stairs and Railing

Incorporating a simple 2-step staircase will upgrade the look of your deck right away. Stairs and railing in your outdoor area may serve as essential safety features, especially if you have young children or elderly guests, but they also may be strictly visual. Bringing in components like metal or composite systems are a wonderful accent to protect your patrons and liven things up. Whatever the reason, it’s an easy addition that will make things look polished and finished.

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