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5 Kitchen Remodeling and Makeover Ideas Your Clients Will Love

The kitchen has become the centerpiece of your home and a place where everything happens. From meal prep to dining, conversations and party hosting, much of the action begins and ends in the kitchen. In general, people are spending more and more time in their homes, and they’re looking for spaces that are calm and serene, especially in a place like a busy and active kitchen. Here are some remodeling trends that will give your kitchen a fresh new start in a new decade.

1. The balance between traditional and contemporary

The most popular home style is transitional, which provides an opportunity to blend traditional and contemporary designs, creating a unique style all your own. It’s mixing neutral colors with textured elements (more on this further down so keep reading). It could mean adding the latest touchscreen stainless steel fridge next to unpainted wood cabinets or placing a vintage fridge next to the marble sink. Whatever you choose, the look should be simple.

2. No man is an island unless you’re a kitchen island

Adding an island or updating an old island in the kitchen continues to be a big trend in 2020. A website that provides photos, remodel ideas and connects community to vendors, conducted a survey and found that two-thirds of renovated kitchens included islands. Many chose island finishes that stood out from the rest of their kitchen and butcher block tops, made the list as a popular choice. Almost all had storage capabilities and over half had built-in appliances.

3. Big backsplashes or go home

Backsplashes are a hit and not like any you’ve seen before. Backsplashes can be seen as feature walls (also known as accent walls), starting from the countertops and extending up to the ceiling, cabinets or range hood. Most people prefer them in a neutral palette and use different materials, like stone, tile or metal, to bring a natural artistic flair to the wall.

4. Splashes of color

Most people are breaking up the all-white kitchen look with subtle hues like earth tones, grays, greens and blues in rich and creamy pastels. Some are taking it further and incorporating deep and luxurious colors like navy blue, emerald green, plum and even black to stand-out and break away from being monotone.

5. Bringing the outdoors indoors

People want to reconnect with nature and are using materials to mimic the natural world. Colors like the aforementioned earth tones, blues, and greens and textures like stone, jute, and wood are being added to create a serene space. Unpainted wood drawers and cabinets and wood-wrapped range hoods will break up long rows of cabinets and also play a key role in creating a sense of nature and warmth in the kitchen. Granite has long been a popular choice for countertops, and in 2020, you’ll see more quartz countertops. The trend for quartz countertops are widely spaced veins that contrast the base color, and recreate what you’d find in nature.

And lastly, if you’re still trying to decide if kitchen remodels are worth it, think about this statistic from the survey: the average financial investment in a completed kitchen remodel was $35,000 in mid-2019, up 17% from just a year ago. So gather your ideas and start creating the kitchen of your dreams.

Count on Handyman Connection of Pasadena to give your kitchen the beautiful makeover it needs. We specialize in all kinds of kitchen remodeling services ranging from small upgrades to complete remodeling. We aim to enhance the quality of your life with a kitchen that will speak to the lifestyle that your family will enjoy. Call us today at 626-744-0402 for your free estimate on all of your remodeling needs including Kitchen Remodeling and Bathroom remodeling and any Handyman jobs including Carpentry, Tile, Plumbing, Electrical and even building bran new Wooden Deck or Composite Decks. We look forward to helping you move forward with your project!

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