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6 Kitchen trends to watch out for in 2021

The kitchen is probably one of the rooms we spent most of our time at home, except when sleeping. This is also why the kitchen is one of the rooms house owners most frequently choose to remodel. The great thing about kitchen remodeling is that by upgrading the fronts, you'll have a whole new room without the need for expensive changes to pipes, floor plans, etc. Handyman Connection in Pasadena and Handyman Connection in Los Angeles has vast work experience, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, and deck remodeling. Still, today we're here to look at six kitchen trends to consider when planning your next kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles.

1. Marble

Marble is making a return to the kitchen in 2021. For many years, the trends have been to keep designs minimalistic and clean. The strongly veined marble is making a comeback. One of the most robust and lasting materials you can choose for your kitchen, veined marble, also give that aesthetic look for your new kitchen.

2. Old Fashion wood finishes

Clean wood finish has been out of fashion for quite a while, but now making a comeback in the kitchen interior. With an increased focus on reusable materials, wood once again comes in handy. Our kitchen remodeling experts at Handyman Connection Pasadena can help decide if your old materials can be brought back to life with a stylish renewal of the kitchen interior and wood finishes.

3. Larders

Larders were an essential part of any kitchen for centuries, but as the houses got smaller and more people moved into apartments, they got replaced by simple refrigerators and cupboards. Ladders are once again earning their place in the modern kitchen by offering the ultimate organizing tool keeping all your boxes, bottles, and spices in one convenient location.

4. Gold Finishes

Together with wood and marble, gold is also making a comeback in kitchen design the next year. While being gone for a long time, replaced by stainless steel and polished finishes, gold is again making an appearance. Sinks, taps, valves, and decor is once again covered in gold finish to fit in with marble, granite, or wood finishes.

5. Handle less design

For the ultimate streamlined look for your new kitchen, handle less is the way to go. Push-open solutions have been developed to perfection over several years. What was once exclusive kitchen design for the architectural type is now widely available offered through several vendors. A simple upgrade of cabinet fronts and drawers can turn your classic kitchen into a designer's dream with push-open solutions.

6. Color Pops

A fresh layer of paints can change a room on a budget. Color pops are one of those trends that throw the traditional rulebook out the window. Utilizing the power of intense color in an otherwise straight frame can create robust designs and completely change the room without remodeling much. Try using intense colors such as purple, red, blue, or green together with traditional white to create the perfect contrast.

The bottom line

Kitchen remodeling is one of the most common makeovers provided to a house. With these six trends for 2021, you'll have plenty of options to decide how to bring a fresh look to one of the most used rooms in your house. One of our kitchen remodeling experts at Handyman Connection Altadena can help create the kitchen of your dreams. We offer a free estimate, and with years of experience in remodeling, we ensure a perfect result for your house. To request a free estimate for your remodeling, you can reach Handyman Connection at (626) 744-0402 or through our website.

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