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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling - August 26, 2022 - Indoor plants tend to be rather high maintenance. The restricted availability of sunlight and the effects of air conditioning make it difficult for the plants and a forgetful watering routine simply adds to the problem. But putting plants in the Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling is a great way to transform a bare room into an escape garden of natural style. Plants thrive naturally in the more humid atmosphere of the Bathroom and Kitchen. The readily available supply of water makes forgetting to water the plants a thing of the past but anyway Bathroom and Kitchen plants do not require watering as often as plants in other rooms of the house in Pasadena because of the more humid conditions in the bathroom.

Health benefits

Apart from making a top-notch décor statement, having plants in the house and in particular the bathroom has many health benefits. Many plants have the ability to absorb chemicals that are harmful to us. Others, like English Ivy, are great for reducing airborne mould in the house. Chemicals that are emitted from paint and furniture finishes and sometimes detergents are absorbed by plants and to add to this benefit, some plants produce natural air fresheners far superior to the chemical spray can varieties. Winter jasmine and lavender are two varieties that breath a freshness into the home and are of great assistance in providing a goodnights sleep.

Air plants

No matter how small or large the bathroom is Air plants will add a touch of charm. They have some great advantages in that they don’t even need soil in which to grow and a spray of water every so often or even the moisture from the shower will be sufficient to bring a hint of the tropics to the room. Another plant to consider is Tillandsia which can be used as a wonderful vertical garden and needs very little maintenance, but you can spoil them with a little tillandsia plant food every so often. Hanging plant holders arranged in groups of three of five are another way of introducing a green highlight to the bathroom.

Plants to add beauty

When deciding on the correct plants for the bathroom the available light is an important aspect to consider. Fortunately, guidance is readily available from most plant distributers and there are several plants that can survive in the sometimes-limited light of small bathrooms. One of the most popular of these plants is the Peace Lily which thrives on indirect sunlight and produces long lasting blooms. A wonderful way to enhance the décor in any bathroom is to utilize the beauty of orchids. They have the ability to absorb moisture form the environment so are a great asset where humidity is a problem. Apart from the practical advantage they have an almost unparalleled beauty and can transform a nondescript space into a focal point of rich beauty. Consequently, they are the favorite of interior decorators with their wide range of colors and almost sculpture like statures.

Some hardy alternatives

Finally, if the thought of caring for indoor plants is challenging consider the introduction of cactus or succulent like plants. They require almost no maintenance originating from harsh and arid climates and yet will introduce a welcome patch of greenery to the room. With their sometimes strong and stark appearance they fit well into more modern design areas and as a bonus they last for many years. So, consider the addition of some greenery to your living space. Apart from the introduction of beauty and style, it will also provide a wide variety of health benefits from lowering stress levels to promoting a healthy sleep pattern. In short bringing plants into your home breathes life into your living area.

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