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Bathroom Upgrade – 5 Ways To Upgrade Bathroom in Pasadena

Bathroom Upgrade – March 18, 2022 – Many people neglect their bathrooms because they think that bathroom remodeling is an expensive exercise. It can be, but doesn’t have to be. There are many ways in which you can bring new life to your bathroom that are affordable. Handyman Connection in Pasadena offers a full bathroom remodeling service and an experienced handyman, dedicated to providing top quality workmanship and service for you bathroom upgrade, is ready to help you add aesthetic value and functionality to your bathroom.

1. Change the hardware

The cabinets and hardware are the focal point of a bathroom and often overlooked as items that can make a big difference with little change. Towel racks, toilet paper holders, laundry baskets, toilet seats, cabinet handles, and cabinets can be swopped out for bathroom accessories with a completely different style with just few twists of a screwdriver. Making sure mirrors are at sensible heights, painting cabinets a different color, or installing a new light fitting can make a bathroom feel brand new.

2. Give the walls a fresh coat of paint

Most bathrooms are painted white and a completely new look can be achieved by just changing this up a bit. You could go for a dove grey, soft blue or green, or something more daring like a plush red. If you have a small bathroom that feels a bit pokey you could try painting a mural on one of the walls or on the ceiling. This will open up the space and make it feel a lot less cramped. If you prefer to stick to a neutral white, simply giving the walls a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your bathroom.

3. Upgrade the Vanity

Usually a vanity is a combination of a sink and a cabinet. Painting the vanity a bold color like a Prussian blue or emerald green will instantly make a difference to making your bathroom look and feel new. Pay attention to the sink. If it’s looking a bit old and shoddy you can either replace it or refinish it with a good quality tub and tile product. The same goes for marble, tile, or Formica® countertops – there are a wide range of products that will add a good 15 years to their life and give your bathroom an instant upgrade.

4. Change the fixtures

Taps and shower-heads are fixtures that can date a bathroom. We’re not talking about the style as much as the actual age. A bathroom with a retro or antique look is not the problem, it’s when the fixtures lose their sheen or rust and generally start looking a bit worse for wear. This is not a lot of work and a reputable bathroom remodeling contractor will have the job done in just a few hours. Swopping out fixtures gives a vanity a whole new life. Handyman Connection is at your service. We are a licensed handyman contractor in Pasadena which offers a range of handyman service including plumbing and bathroom remodeling.

5. Grout and Caulk

There’s nothing quite like chipped or flaking caulk and grout that makes a bathroom look dingy. Caulk is found between the tub and the floor and grout between the tiles. It wears over time and discolors and disintegrates. By simply redefining these transitions with new caulk and grout your bathroom will look as if it has been completely retiled. It is also important to do this on a regular basis as it can lead to tiles cracking.

Each of these 5 bathroom updates can be done individually or grouped into bigger projects. Doing just one of them is going to have a big impact on the entire feel of your bathroom. An added bonus is that keeping the bathrooms in your home in good shape is an investment into the value of your property. Handyman Connection in Pasadena can help you with anyone of these refurbishments to your bathroom. Give us a call.

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