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Best Tips for Your Bathroom Remodel

When you are planning your bathroom remodel in Pasadena, you want to make sure that you cover every detail and maximize the space. Your Handyman Pasadena can help you through this process, planning the perfect remodel for you. The goal here is to help you come up with ideas for your project with your bathroom contractor in Pasadena to ensure that you get the best bathroom that you can afford.

Plan for the Renovation

Before you even hire a contractor, you should have a plan for your renovation. For instance, think about the space and what your family needs. Does the bathroom function as you want it to? If so, then you can save money by keeping the layout as is. It’s also important to carefully consider your budget and add in an extra 20% to cover any of those unexpected costs that often come up during renovations, such as pipes that aren’t to code.

Design the Space

Did you determine that the bathroom just doesn’t function as well as you’d like it to? Then you need to create a plan that will get the function that you want out of the space. You can completely redo the layout or keep certain items that work where they are while adjusting others. There are things that can impact this design but working with a contractor can help create the perfect compromise for what you can do in the space and what function you need.

Pick the Right Materials

There are so many options as far as the different materials in the space. Each option has their own pros and cons that you should consider for your remodeling project. For instance, if you have kids you want options that are safe and durable for them. A professional can help by navigating through the different materials so that you get both the style and function that you want.


One of the most overlooked parts of a bathroom renovation is the ventilation in the space. Proper ventilation in the bathroom is crucial, which is why homeowners should really think about this when planning their remodel. If you have a bathroom without the proper ventilation, you could end up with several issues including mildew and mold in the space. This could not only damage the materials in your bathroom, but they can pose health hazards for your family. A high-quality fan in the bathroom is definitely something that you should consider, especially one with a timer on it so that you can know that the room is getting the ventilation that it needs.

Maximize the Space

This is especially true when you are renovating a bathroom that is on the smaller side. You want to make sure that you maximize the space the best that you can. You can make a functional bathroom in a small space, as long as you maximize every square footage of the space. For instance, maybe instead of a vanity in a powder room, you just use a pedestal sink. You can utilize both uppers and lowers for cabinetry. You can even take advantage of free wall space and create nooks in the wall, such as for shower storage. These are all ways to maximize the space.

Contact Us Today

If you are looking for the best remodeling contractor in Pasadena, the Handyman Connection of Pasadena is the company for you. Our Handyman Los Angeles and Pasadena services are exactly what you need to plan out the perfect remodeling project for your bathroom. We can help you make your money go further, while still getting the best bathroom for your style wants and function needs. Contact us today to see how we can make your dream bathroom a reality. Call 626-744-0402 for your free estimate!

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