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Deck Contractor Pasadena: 5 Beautiful Deck Styles for Your Home

Deck Contractor Pasadena - If you're considering installing a new deck to enhance your Pasadena home, one of the first steps is deciding on a deck design and material that matches your style. Today's decks do far more than provide a simple outdoor living space. They make a major style statement and help connect your interior aesthetic with the home exterior.

When hiring a Deck Contractor in Pasadena, discuss different decking ideas that work for your home architecture and budget. Factors like sun exposure, size, elevation and codes determine possibilities. Here we outline 5 popular deck styles and materials to inspire your upcoming deck building project.

Wood Decks by Deck Contractor Pasadena

Wood remains the classic choice for Deck Repair Services in Pasadena and decking in general. Its natural beauty and endless stain options make it a go-to material for Carpentry Pasadena projects. Pressure-treated lumber withstands weather and resists insects. More durable tropical hardwoods like ipe and tigerwood provide striking grain patterns but cost more.

Choose wide plank floorboards for a graceful effect or opt for more narrow strips for tighter seams. Complement with cedar or redwood railings. Mixing vertical and horizontal wood patterns adds appealing texture. Simple post columns keep sight-lines clean for seamless indoor-outdoor living.

Composite Decks

Composite decking provides the appearance of natural wood but with extreme low maintenance durability. Made from recycled wood fibers mixed with resins, quality composites resist moisture, stains, mold and mildew. Unlike real wood, they won't cup, warp or splinter so no sanding or staining required.

Shades ranging from warm cedar tones to grays simulate wood grains. Embossing and textured surfaces enhance traction. Composite works well for replacing old Rotten Wood Decks in Pasadena. Pair with sleek, contemporary deck railings choices like glass or cable systems.

Paver Decks

Interlocking concrete pavers create the look of high-end stone decks minus the heavy weight and installation hassles. Concrete paver decks by Deck Builders Pasadena install right over existing surfaces. Choose tumbled paver styles and varied shapes for freeform appeal that complements Tuscan, Mediterranean or Mission architecture.

Coordinate neutral paver colors with potted greenery and vibrant patio umbrellas overhead. For contemporary schemes, go bold with graphic black and white patterns. Concrete pavers stand up well to outdoor wear and tear while underfoot traction adds safety.

Metal Decks

Industrial metal decking lends an urban loft-like vibe. Often seen on contemporary patio designs in Pasadena Remodeler, a Division of Handyman Connection of Pasadena, metal decks provide understated elegance. Perforated metals like grating allow rain drainage for uncovered upper level decks. Choose galvanized or rust-resistant metals that can handle damp weather without issues.

Metal deck tiles offer quick DIY installation. Or make a statement with corrugated metal deck flooring or sleek metallic railings. Crisp, simple lines promote airflow and give unobstructed outdoor views. Durable metals work well around pools and water features.

Handyman Connection of Pasadena - Deck Contractor Pasadena
Deck Contractor Pasadena

Poured Concrete Decks

Monolithic poured concrete creates seamless decks with fluid shapes only limited by formwork designs. Concrete's strength suits multi-level decks in Pasadena or large spaces demanding reinforced foundations. Integral fiberglass fibers prevent cracks and increase tensile strength.

Achieve the look of pricey stonework at a fraction of the cost. New stamping techniques emulate textures of stone, brick and exotic hardwood planks. Integrate LED lighting or radiant heating systems easily during pouring. Just ensure proper curing times before use.

Hopefully the above overview of popular deck types provides ideas for your next Deck Contractor Pasadena project with Pasadena Remodeler. With some smart planning upfront, you can create the perfect custom deck space for enjoying magical sunsets or starry evenings.


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