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Deck Repair – 5 Common Deck Repairs

Deck Repair – Decks are great features around the house. If you have a deck, you want to do whatever you can to ensure the longevity of your deck. This includes getting it repaired when possible to avoid the more expensive cost of entirely replacing your deck. When should you hire a professional deck repair in Pasadena? Understanding the most common repairs and when you should hire a professional to handle the task for you.

1. Discoloration

One of the most common deck issues is when there is discoloration of the deck. As your deck ages and has more long-term exposure to the elements, you’re bound to have some discoloration eventually. When your deck starts to get this discoloration, your deck can look old and outdated. This is sometimes an easy fix, requiring you to just sand the deck and refinish it. However, it does require some patience and DIY know-how to do.

If you notice deck discoloration and you don’t feel confident in your ability to bring it back to life, then it’s best to leave this job for the professionals. They have the tools and the knowledge to get the job done well. They can make your discolored deck look brand new again.

2. Broken Boards

You may notice that some of the boards are broken on the deck. From frequent use and long-term exposure to the elements, eventually you will notice a broken board or a few. This is a deck repair that you absolutely must take care of as soon as possible, otherwise this is a safety risk for yourself and any guests you welcome into your home.

This is a task that is better left to a professional. You need to be exact with your cuts to ensure that the board is fixed and as stable as it needs to be. The safety of everyone who walks on the deck is at risk, which is why you should only trust a professional with this.

3. Rot

If your deck was made with wood, they can be susceptible to rot especially if there is a lot of standing water near the deck. Rot can actually spread to other healthy boards as the bacteria and fungus can get into the other “healthy” boards and create an even bigger problem. This also needs to be remedied right away.

If you suspect rot, you need to get a professional deck repair expert to check it out as soon as possible. They can do a proper inspection on the deck to let you know the full extent of the rot as well as a plan to fix it. If there’s a lot of damage, they may suggest a rebuild using more durable materials like composite decking.

4. Termites

Termites really are the bane of every homeowner’s existence, especially when you have a wooden deck. If your deck has termite damage, you need to get this repaired otherwise it could become a safety hazard. However, you first need to address the termite problem before you can do anything else. Once you take care of the termite problem, you should get a professional deck repair team in to fix your deck. They can inspect it to see just how much termite damage there is as well as what the best approach will be.

5. Structural Weakness/Gaps in Boards

These are other issues that are very common and requires you to hire a professional to help you out. With board gaps, this problem happens as your deck gets older and should be repaired right away. This requires the professional to replace the boards to keep your deck safe. It’s also important that you keep an eye on the structural integrity of the deck, which is why a professional should inspect your deck. They can identify any problems before they become a safety hazard.

If you want to make sure that your deck is in great condition or need repairs to bring it back to life, hiring a deck repair Pasadena expert at The Handyman Connection Pasadena can be the best solution. Check out our website and contact us today to see how we can with your deck repair needs. Call us today at 626-744-0402 for your free estimate for any deck remodel, deck repair or deck maintenance in Los Angeles and Pasadena.

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