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Deck Repair - 5 Signs That it is Time for Deck Repair

Deck Repair - Once the warmer weather is upon us, those of us lucky enough to have a garden, often head for it to take in those rays and get that valuable vitamin D. As more and more of us are working from home, sitting out in your tranquil garden, is a treat and can even be classed as enjoyable. If you have children, you can let them play while you work, away from the TV or screens. Deck Repair should be easy with hiring a licensed and insured Deck Repair company.

If your garden is big enough, one great way to enhance it is to build a deck. They are hardy and long-lasting and make for a comfortable environment to work and play in. We looked at popular deck designs in the Pasadena area. We looked at popular Redwood, Ironwood and Tigerwood designs implemented by a licensed handyman in Pasadena, and where things can go wrong without care and attention in the years after the initial installation.

Even though these types of decks are extremely hardy, and require very little maintenance, there are often a few tell-tale signs that your deck may need some work.

Damaged border or railings surrounding decks

Your deck will always have an edge, and around the edge, you may have installed railings, in either metal or wooden materials. These should be strong enough to at least lean on and must meet standards of code. One sure sign that you need to hire a deck contractor is if the railings are loose and therefore won’t take the weight of you as you lean on it, or where the verticals have moved apart. The railings form an important part of your deck to prevent accidents. Keeping them maintained is crucial in ensuring the deck area is safe.

Loose deck boards

One sure sign that your deck needs attention is when boards move. Even a creak as you walk on it can be a certain sign of a problem. Even though your deck may be treated with a protective stain or paint, the weather will take its toll on the material used to construct the deck. The foundations of the deck need air and drainage to ensure water does not pool and no part of the deck should sit for long in that pool. A loose board is a certain sign that your deck needs attention.

Deck boards change of color

Any sign that your deck boards change color is another sign of a problem. Any mould or color change in one or more boards shows you that something has gone wrong, usually with the drainage.

Erosion damages decks

The weather can eventually take its toll on a deck, and any drainage that focuses water on a single spot will eventually lead to erosion. Not many materials can withstand a sustained flow of water. If any part of your deck is exposed to this kind of relentless water flow, then this needs to be addressed by your deck contractor.

Organic growth damages decks

We may like to surround our decks with garden plants and trees or shrubs. These may start off in small pots but of course, plants grow and some of them can have a large root system. These root systems can influence a deck and care must be taken when planting around a deck to ensure that no damage will be caused in the future.

If you are looking for a licensed handyman or deck contractor in Pasadena, contact handyman connection of Pasadena today. We will provide you with the best possible service to either repair or remodel your deck.

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