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Handyman Connection - The Pros and Cons of Bathroom Remodeling for Resale Homes

Handyman Connection - June 3, 2022 - The bathroom is a very important room in the home – it’s a very private space that can give your home a sophisticated look or can drag down your home’s value if it looks ratty and unhygienic.

Remodeling your bathroom by Handyman Connection of Pasadena is one of the greatest economic investments you could choose to make in reselling your house but may also draw in a huge monetary income. It depends on how well it is done, and how much money you are willing to spend.

The pros and cons of remodeling your bathroom are extensive, and worth discussing. We’ll go through some of the biggest ones below:

Pros Of Bathroom Remodeling For Resale Homes

Adds A Special Impression with Potential Buyers

Whether you want to replace parts of the bathroom, or the entire thing, adding that wow factor is one of the major reasons you’d want to begin such an endeavor to begin with.

As we said, a bad bathroom can do a surprising amount to turn off potential buyers. It can make them lower their expectations (and their prices!), or just make them decide that the effort of improving the bathroom themselves isn’t worth it and decide to not buy the house overall.

It Might Not Be That Extensive

If you only want to replace a few parts of your bathroom, you might be able to drastically improve the space without having to do that much. It won’t take a talented handyman much to replace a couple of parts which could alleviate the room from good to great.

A Good Bathroom Can Rise The Price Of Houses

As well as adding that extra special something to wow potential buyers, a beautiful new bathroom can add a couple of extra dollars to the price of your house.

The bathroom is a subtle but an incredibly important part of the house. Buyers will be more willing to repaint living rooms and bed rooms than they are to remodel a bathroom themselves, so a sparkling new bathroom can be incredibly attractive to high price buyers.

Cons Of Bathroom Remodeling For Resale Homes

It Might Be Quite Costly

The downside of all of this is that in this case, you might need to spend money to make money – but you might have to spend quite a lot of money in this case.

It, of course, depends on the number of parts in the bathroom which would need replacing. If the entire room has wear and tear from years of use, then it could easily get expensive fast.

A Bad Job Can Have the Opposite To The Intended Effect

A good bathroom remodeling can raise the sophistication, and therefore price, of your house. However, if you get a bad job done, then buyers notice that too.

A bathroom done badly looks much worse than an old bathroom, which means that if you don’t get the right person to do the job, you might end up lowering your house’s price in an attempt to raise it.

Luckily, Handyman Connection can help you find any kind of service you need for a gorgeous bathroom, and that way, you can ensure you get the right tradesmen for the job, and make sure that you have a beautifully remodeled bathroom which will help rise the price of your house. Call today for your free estimate at 626-744-0402!

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