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Handyman Contractor - 5 Rooms to Make Safe and Secure For The Elderly

“Getting old is a gift.”

Handyman Contractor - August 12, 2022 - This is a line spoken by actor Danny Devito in one of his more recent films. They are wise words, though like many treasured things, it can be delicate, fragile, and require a little extra care to reflect the appreciation it inspires. If that appreciation includes keeping a loved one at home during their autumn and winter years—rather than, say, confining them to a specialized facility for the elderly—then today let’s look at five ways to make your Los Angeles area home more safe for those who’ve been granted that special gift using Handyman Contractor in Pasadena!

In the kitchen

This is a sensible place to start, since a lot of socializing gets done here, often times around faucets and cookware. For sinks, you may want to keep the basin shallow. A 6 inch depth is normally acceptable. Having a space beneath this sink is also a good idea to allow access for those confined to a wheelchair.

Pull-out shelves on lower cabinets can reduce the effort required to bend down and reach the back of a storage area. D-shaped handles on cabinets like these make for easier gripping and pulling.

In the bathroom

The ground floor of your home should have at least one full bathroom. Most in the area of Pasadena, Altadena, and Arcadia do. If not, it may be time to remodel. This bathroom should allow plenty of space for movement aids like canes, wheelchairs, and walkers.

Toilets need to be at a height easily accessible for those suffering extra difficulty with movement. Grab bars installed in the proper places are also imperative. This is especially true for bathtub and shower areas. Shower seating and slip-resistant coatings merit your deep consideration when preparing your home for the elderly. A roll-in shower can actually accommodate most wheelchairs as well as provide plenty of area for movement.

In the bedroom

As with bathrooms, the best place for an aging person’s bedroom is on the ground floor. Should this prove impossible, consider installing a chairlift along the stairway. Safety rails along the bed itself greatly reduce the risk of falling accidents while getting in or out of bed. For closets, the lighting should be bright, the shelves handy to reach. Indeed, lighting all over the bedroom needs to be bright enough to minimize shadows.

In the living room

When it comes to making your home friendly for the aging, there are a number of things to consider here. For starters, replace all standard doorknobs with the more classic lever-latch mechanisms. Keep flooring smooth and clutter free. Have ripped carpet or broken tiling replaced to reduce an elder’s risk of falling. Needless to say, slippery floors are also a bad idea; try carpeting or an anti-slip application.


Having a wheelchair accessible ramp installed for your home’s entryway can be a huge help for your loved one in need. Stairs in front of your door impede progress and create safety hazards. Speaking of that door, for the elderly, it should be at least 36” wide for easy access with walkers, canes, or wheelchairs. Should widening the door not be an option, another route to try is offset door hinges. These hinges add to the clearance of narrow openings.

Regarding those aforementioned steps, a little height reduction is in order. Their risers should be no greater than half an inch, with the steps themselves coated with slip-resistant material. Chances are these tasks will need to be done through professional remodeling, which is easily enough located.

In fact, you can find it right here with Handyman Connection of Pasadena. Our services cover remodeling your home for the aging plus many others. We are here to help you help the ones you love. Give us a call at 626-744-0402.

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