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Home Remodel - How to Plan a Home Remodel

Home Remodel - June 21, 2022 - If you really wanted to, you could pick up a sledgehammer and start knocked down unwanted walls in your house today. Sometimes we tend to do things on a whim fueled by sudden motivation, but that could lead to a whole slew of problems when it comes to home remodeling. An important electrical problem could go unnoticed if you can’t move forward with your remodel because you splurged on granite countertops and gold faucets for your kitchen. Do yourself a favor and dedicate some time to the following steps.

Set Your Budget

Unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend on new appliances and cabinets, set a budget and stick to it. A professional handyman can help you assess the costs of particular projects so that you can have an easier time understanding what materials you can afford.

Make a Checklist

Never underestimate the power of a checklist. Home remodeling projects can quickly become overwhelming when you’re standing in the middle of your house and it looks like a tornado ripped straight through the middle. A checklist will help make sure that nothing is forgotten, let you assess the remaining time frame of your remodel, and give your contractor a guide for exactly what you want done.

Have an End Goal

If there wasn’t a finish line at the end of a race, a runner wouldn’t know when to stop running. It gets exciting watching your house turn into the home of your dreams, more great ideas might pop into your head as your creativity is inspired. You may not realize it but setting an end goal to a project prevents your brain from over-doing it and spending more money than you expected.

Get Your Permits

Depending on the project, you may need a building permit to make changes to your home. Los Angeles and Pasadena may require a permit for different things than the last city you lived in, so don’t risk getting a hefty fine by assuming you know the answer. Consult a licensed contractor from Handyman Connection in Pasadena to help you get the required permits and ensure that your home remodel is up to code.

Pack Your Things Up

Move everything out of the way in your project area to protect your belongings and maintain safety for your family and hired workers. Do this ahead of time so that you’re not rushing and stressing to make room for everyone to work efficiently.

Consider the Weather

It would be a drag if there was a large storm forecasted to roll through the area on the weekend that you scheduled the exterior of your house to be repainted. Even if you are remodeling your kitchen indoors, rain can cause chaos if you are scrambling to bring all of your cut wood and equipment inside from the yard. Keep an eye on the weather and communicate with your workers if you feel that it could inhibit the project.

Prepare for the Unexpected

Set aside some emergency money in case an unexpected problems arises. You may not realize how bad the plumbing system is in a bathroom until you open up the walls and find a cracked pipe that’s been leaking for months. Unless your house is brand new, expect to encounter problems related to older houses that haven’t been updated.

Whether you’re a DIY type of person or need as much help as you can get, Handyman Connection in Pasadena can help you with any home remodel project. Their professionals have over 25 years of experienced craftsmanship and guarantee quality work that will add value to your home. Whatever the project is, Handyman Connection assigns the right professional for any specific job - drywall repair and installation, electrical work, tiling and flooring, carpentry services, fences, painting, shelves, plumbing, storage, fences, deck repair and installation, maintenance and installations, and of course anything related to home remodeling. If you live in Los Angeles or Pasadena, contact them today for a free quote at (626)744-0402.

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