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Importance of Carpentry Work in a Remodeling Project

As people plan their remodeling project, something that they may not put a lot of thought in is the carpentry work in the space. Whether you are getting a bathroom remodel in Pasadena or freshening up the other spaces in the home, the Handyman in Pasadena can add a lot to the space with their carpentry work. Work with your remodeling contractor Pasadena to ensure that every detail of your space is tended to. Here is why you need to focus on these seemingly little details.


You don’t think a lot about your baseboards, but these are considered the visual foundation for any room. These can be wider than some or have visual detail like a shoe molding. This can add a dramatic look to the space. Don’t underestimate how the slightest detail can enhance the space, such as choosing a unique baseboard option.


These are the openings in the walls that don’t have doors. The casing is a type of trim that wraps around the wall opening, which creates definition for the opening as well as protecting the surface of the wall from scratches. This is a great way to create a separation between the two spaces, without causing any interruption to the flow of the spaces. This can be basic and as thing as possible, or they can be thicker. You can even add decorative details within the casing to add even more visual appeal to the space, particularly at the top two corners of the casing.

Crown Molding

Like with casings, you can go as bold or as simple as you want with a crown molding. The crown molding, which is the trim that is where the ceiling and wall connects, offers timeless elegance to any room. With crown molding, people who enter the space will have their eyes instantly look upwards to notice this amazing detail. This not only adds extra stylish detail to the space, but it can also make the room feel larger since it brings attention to the height of the ceiling. You can have the simple, traditional crown molding or you can have crown molding with interesting detailing on it.


Wainscoting can be the perfect option for many spaces in the home. There are quite a few benefits when choosing wainscoting. First, you can create a feel of elegance and make your space look more expensive than it is with wainscoting. It can also create charm and character in the space, even if you have a new home or the space was completely gutted and remodeled. If you are going to resell the home, it’s this type of character that helps homes sell fast. Wainscoting can be the perfect touch to your remodeling project.

Careful Attention to the Finishes

Once you have added these visually interesting carpentry details to the space, you should pay careful attention to the finishes. Do you want them painted white? Are you going to stain them? You want to highlight these incredible details without making them clash with the rest of the space. Many people prefer the natural wood look, so staining them a natural color that makes the molding and casings stand out can be a great idea.

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As a leading Handyman in Los Angeles, the Handyman Connection of Pasadena can perfect the little details in the space through offering stellar carpentry work. A bathroom contractor Pasadena can remodel your bathroom for visual interest. Never underestimate the aesthetic appeal details like beadboard, crown molding, and wainscoting and how these can transform a space. Contact us, the Handyman Connection in Pasadena and Los Angeles today at 626-744-0402 for your next remodeling project.

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