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Kitchen Renovations - Top 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Kitchen Renovations - October 18, 2022 - The kitchen brings your family together. It’s a place for cooking, learning, tasting, and sharing. Getting your kitchen remodeled can add convenience, charm, and value to your home. Let us help with all your Pasadena kitchen remodel needs.

Here are our Top 6 Kitchen Remodel Ideas that we can help you with today!

In-Ceiling Lighting

Let our trained electricians professionally install new recessed lighting in your kitchen! New lighting fixtures can make a kitchen friendlier, easier and safer to use, and more beautiful.

Let our professionals take the worry and complexity out of adding new lighting to your kitchen space today!

Lowered Countertops

This is a great idea for older or mobility impaired home owners who still love their kitchen, but need their countertops adjusted for use from a mobility scooter or a wheelchair.

Lowered countertops make your kitchen more accessible and safer, too, allowing you or a loved one to stay seated and protected, while still enjoying the hands-on experience of cooking and baking. Let our Pasadena kitchen remodel crew make this adjustment for you!


Want to add more beauty and storage to your kitchen? Let our Altadena kitchen remodel team install some brand-new cabinets for you! We do everything from carpentry to installation and can give your kitchen a beautiful and timeless new look!

Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and hardware options to suit your unique tastes and aesthetics.

New Kitchen Sink

Need a leaky faucet fixed? Tired of your old sink? Did you keep trying to swivel a stationary faucet head, and now you’ve broken it? We can help!

Allow our friendly and professional team of Pasadena kitchen remodel experts to assist you in selecting and installing the perfect new sink or fixing existing plumbing. Don’t try to do it yourself; you’ll get wet and may hurt yourself in the process. Instead, let our team of specialists get your kitchen sink looking beautiful and working great again.

Kitchen Flooring

Need a new kitchen floor to go with your new cabinets? Tired of looking at the same coffee and turmeric powder stains on your floor every day? We can get your kitchen floor fresh and pristine!

We offer a variety of tiling and laminate solutions for your kitchen floor, and our installers mean that you can relax, minus the measuring, cutting, and grout work. Give your kitchen a new look this year and let our Altadena kitchen remodel team handle the tough stuff for you.

Fresh Paint

As simple as it may sound, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for a tired old kitchen. The wear and tear of splashed food, liquid, spices, oil, smoke, and blender splatter can sink in, and drag down the beauty of your kitchen space.

Allow our Pasadena remodeling contractor at Handyman Connection of Pasadena to assess and execute a stunning and simple solution with a fresh coat of paint. Save yourself the time and energy of painting and allow our experts to beautify your kitchen for you.

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