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Licensed Contractor in Pasadena – 6 Best Built-In Storage Solutions

Licensed Contractor in Pasadena – If you’re like most people, you may require a lot more storage than you have without a lot of extra space. The good thing about built-in storage solutions is that you can get the storage space that you need by utilizing the space that you have, without taking up additional space. Hiring a licensed contractor in Pasadena means that you can have endless options for storage solutions that you really need.

1. Use Every Bit of Space in Your Attic

If you are converting your attic into more space, there may be a lot of areas that you think that you can’t use. However, with creatively designed built-ins, you can make the most of this space. Whether you just get shelving installer or get a mixture of cabinets and shelving installed, you can get the storage solutions that you need for the space.

2. Using Dead Space in the Kitchen or Bathroom

You may notice a lot of dead space around your kitchen and/or bathroom. It’s important that you optimize every space that you can in order to get the storage that you need. There are custom cabinet solutions that you can choose from, such as a thin cabinet between your cabinets and refrigerator, where you can store spices. You can make a thin cabinet between your sink and toilet in the bathroom, where you can store items like toothbrushes and toothpaste.

3. Built-In Storage Under Your Staircase

There is a lot of potential space for storage that you can create under the staircase. You can create shelving or drawers there to offer more storage in the main area of your home, without taking away from the space. This can be a great option to consider and one that can add visual interest to the space.

4. Fit Drawers Under Your Steps

One unique option that you can consider is to actually make your steps into pullouts on your staircase. This can be a unique idea that can potentially be used along with storage under the staircase, depending on your setup. This can be a fun and interesting way to add storage to your space. You can even take this opportunity to add a design feature to your steps to make them pop, adding aesthetic appeal to the space.

5. Create Under Seat Storage

Do you have a space unused where you entertain guests? Why not add in built-in seating, where you can create additional built-in storage? This is a great way to not only add additional storage to the home, but it can also add more function. For instance, you can take a book in the kitchen and turn it into a small breakfast area with built-in seating. This gives you more space for seating, helps remove dead space, and gets you more storage in the space.

6. Custom Closet Shelving and Built-Ins

Closets tend to be a tricky thing for homeowners to organize and they always feel like their closet is too small. But the problem may not be the size of the closet, rather the way it’s set up. There are various built-in solutions that you can choose from to help you with your closet problems.


Storage is a problem for a lot of homeowners. While many think that they’ve just outgrown their home, the reality is that they just outgrew their storage solutions. There are options available to you thanks to built-in storage solutions, which help you get the storage and function that you need from your home. By contacting a licensed contractor, you can work with them to see where you can optimize your space to get the storage solutions that you so desperately need. At Handyman Connection of Pasadena we are always available to help you with all your home renovation needs! Call us for you free estimate today at 626-744-0402!

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