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New Kitchen Styles and Accessories

Form follows function when it comes to kitchen accessories and it is true now more than ever. People put cutlery in easy reach and hang pots over their heads to make the most of the storage space. Exposed shelving and floating shelves are being included to make everything quickly accessible. Kitchens are changing. From simple sinks to uber-smart faucets to super-functional pantries, when designing and remodeling your kitchen you have more options than ever before. Here are four trending accessories across the Pacific Northwest.

Think Sinks

When talking of kitchens one can’t not talk of sinks. You would be surprised by the numerous options you have today. Sinks used to be traditional, white styles, but options today include modern styling and stainless steel.

there’s a trend to increase the size of sinks that incorporate their own built-in strainers, baskets and cutting boards, which are perfect for prepping all of that food that we’re bringing in from our gardens,.

There is also a shift about the way people think about sinks. “It’s not just a bowl you fill with water anymore, For example, farmhouse sinks let you get closer to the task at hand, and ergonomically they’re much more functional than the traditional bowl.” This means less splashing and less difficulty when washing dishes or reaching into the sink.

Counter Accessories

A popular accessory these days is the composting built in the kitchen. It sits between the countertop and has a flush lid placed near the sink. “You open the lid, put the contents in, and then you can take that bin out and put it into your larger composting pile. It allows people to compost a little bit easier,”.

Other accessories that make the countertops and sink areas more functional include washing bins, chopping boards and drying racks. Small kitchens are benefited by this technique to get some of their counter space which was occupied by the sink.

“For a long time people thought they needed counters at a standard height, many of my clients are getting more educated about things like ergonomics. I’m seeing a return to things like having lower counters for rolling out dough and just better overall access.”

The Wired Kitchen

While the initial faucets had to be physically touched to switch on, recently there has been an increased demand for touchless faucets. Rotella shares, “Usually it just requires a waving of the hand past the faucet’s sensor. Sometimes it’s under the faucet, sometimes in front of it, and sometimes even above the faucet”.

While most of the customers still prefer the tech-free, standard faucet, there is a gradual shift to touchless faucets.

Kohler Konnect is a new technology that connects faucets with phone apps. For instance, you put a pot under your faucet and instruct Alexa to fill in six cups of water. Your faucet will fill six cups and then stop. It is simply wonderful.

More storage and shelf awareness

Homeowners tend to grow their own fruits and vegetables in the garden instead of buying from the market. The size of the refrigerators have decreased with small drawers being included for easy segregation of the vegetables.

Refrigeration systems that have separated cooling zones are also popular. Rather than placing vegetables and fruits in a crisper you could put each item in a divided area having a suitable temperature. These same ideas are being applied to pantries and shelving as well. Each item, from canned goods to measuring cups, has its own place in the kitchen.

People want customised kitchens designed solely for them and for their lifestyle including factors like their height. With accessories ranging from filters built into the faucet to brass fixture looks, the design options are innumerable.

What type of sink do you need? What fixtures and accessories will help your counters be used efficiently? Are you cutting edge or old school when it comes to faucets? Contact us at Handyman Connection, Pasadena to help you make the right choices. Call us at 626-744-0402 to schedule your free estimate for your kitchen projects.

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