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Nine Smart Home Remodeling Ideas for Small Homes

Small homes can be cozy and comfortable when remodeled correctly. But when they’re not, they can feel cluttered, and cramped.

Remodeling a small home requires prior planning and creativity. Read on to gather ideas to share with your home remodeling contractor so that you can make the most of your small space.

Installing Multipurpose Appliances and Furniture

Multipurpose appliances can do wonders, and multipurpose furniture is extremely stylish. If you’re planning a kitchen remodel, you could think about building storage into your seating or even seating into the back of your kitchen appliances.

Innovative Storage Solutions

The limited storage space has always been one of the biggest challenges for small homeowners. This is why hidden or hanging storage solutions can be god sent.

Consider installing rotating cupboards in kitchen corners, or cabinets to the wall of the bathroom. Create a wall with storage by using hanging boxes that you can organize any way you like. Drawers under the bed are always a winner in the bedroom and don’t even get us started on the storage you can add to a garage space.

Mirrors In Strategic Positions

Placing mirrors in strategic positions can make your small house look much bigger. This is thanks to the refractive quality of light in mirrors.

The goal is to place mirrors in a place that reflects that light coming from windows, and it can make the room feel huge.

Transform Tiny Spaces

Tiny spaces are powerful. Utilizing even the smallest of spaces can change the look of your home. Here are some nooks and crannies you may have never considered before

-Have custom-made shelves fitted into bathroom alcoves

-Custom-built drawers and cupboards can fit in the void underneath your main staircase.

-Rather than choosing a conventional straight sofa, go for a corner style in the small corner of your living room

-install a balcony in the attic

Lofted Areas, or Under Floor Storage

Look up and down! Lofts can either be used for storage, an extra bedroom, reading space, or a playroom. Under the carpet (unless the floor is concrete) you may have been blessed with extra storage space. You can lift the floorboards and make better use of the voids below. A good home remodeling contractor will be able to build you different storage areas with lift-up lids.

The Right Color

Color schemes can play a huge role in small homes. Dark colors tend to make rooms feel small, but light colors give a spacious feel to your home.

The refractive quality of light works best on white surfaces. So using white, beige, and other light colors can make your space feel more open and accommodating.

Sliding Doors and Windows

Small home design can really benefit from using sliding doors and windows on walls as well as on cabinetry, wardrobes, china cabinets, bookcases, etc. When the panes of windows or doors don’t have to fling inwards or outwards, it will help save space and now you may have room for an armchair or sofa.

Vertical Design Plans

One of the things that people tend to overlook in interior design is the vertical space and for small homes, in particular, these design plans can do wonders. This is true indoors and outdoors!

● You can create a tall pantry rather than a wide one.

● You can affix crates or planters to the outside walls so you can grow flowers or herbs.

● You can divide cupboards with vertical shelves as opposed to horizontal ones.

Wall Mounted Furniture

There are plenty of options for wall-mounted furniture.

● If you don’t have the room to keep a table up all the time, but do have some free wall space, then consider a fold-down design.

● You can add a wall-mounted reading table that you can then retreat onto the wall with a hook.

● You can even add a mirror to the bottom to save space and revitalize the piece of furniture even when it is not in use.

● You can use wall-mounted beds so you have more floor space around the bedroom.

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