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Pasadena Contractor - The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask a Contractor

Pasadena Contractor - July 28, 2022 - When choosing a contractor, there are tons of tips on how to select the right one. At Handyman Connection of Los Angeles, it’s important to share with people the right questions to ask a contractor before you hire them. There are a lot of different options for a remodeling contractor in Los Angeles, so you want to make sure that you choose the right one. Here are some of the most important questions that you need to ask a remodeling contractor Pasadena before you hire them.

1. Can I See Your Insurance Policy?

It’s not only important to see whether or not the Pasadena contractor has insurance, but you also want to see how much insurance they have and what kind of policy that they have. The contractor may have some insurance policy, but the insurance may not be enough to cover your property if something goes wrong. It’s also important to make sure that they cover worker’s compensation insurance as well. If they don’t have worker’s comp insurance, then you could be liable if a worker gets injured on your property while they work.

2. Could You Itemize Your Bid?

While Pasadena contractors tend to prefer to offer you a bottom-line price for your project, it can be better for you to have an itemized list of the quote. This can not only be good so that you get the best comparison for quotes but it can also tell you where you can save money on the project if you want to make some changes here and there to the plan. Plus, having an itemized plan before starting the project can help you if there’s some type of dispute over the project expectations.

3. Who are Your Primary Suppliers?

You want to make sure that when you are paying for quality, you are getting quality. This also allows you to do your research about the suppliers to make sure that they sell high quality goods as well as so that you can contact the store. Not only can you learn more about the supplier by contacting them, they can also tell you information about your Pasadena Contractor to help determine if they are the best choice for the job.

4. How Can I Contact You?

What if you need to get ahold of them to change something about the project or are unhappy about something? You want to know that you can have a person to contact or a place to go to complain about the services that you have received. If they just give you a cell phone number and some P.O. Box, it’s probably better to find another Pasadena contractor.

5. Can I Meet the Foreman or Other Team Members?

You may feel more comfortable about the project when you meet the foremen or the team that will be working on your project. This allows you to personally as them questions. You may even want to see if it’s possible to see them while they work, so that you can see the quality of work that they do and the type of job site they operate.


Handyman Connection of Pasadena understands that any project that you do around the home is important to you. That’s why our team works hard to ensure the customer is completely satisfied with the services that they receive from us. We handle a variety of different projects around the home, giving you one team to trust for any of the home improvements that you need. To learn more about how we can help you or get a bid for a job, contact us today. Call Handyman Connection of Los Angeles and Handyman Connection of Pasadena today at 626-744-0402 for your free consultation!

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