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Pasadena Home Remodeling - Top 10 Dangerous Things to Fix in Your Home

Pasadena Home Remodeling - November 10, 2022 - Keeping your home safe and easy to enjoy is one of the most important parts of being a homeowner. What safety issues need fixing in your home?

Here are the Top Ten Dangerous Things to Fix in Your Home, which Pasadena Home Remodeling experts can help you with!

Number One: Faulty Electricity

Trying to install an electrical component on your own can be risky, and frustrating. Don’t risk electrocution or installing unsafe wiring. If you have an electrical job to complete allow our Pasadena home remodel crew to take care of the job for you!

Number Two: Unsafe Entrances

Slipping and falling on unsafe stairs is a major cause of injury for older adults. Allow our team of expert carpenters to build a new ramp for you, and keep your entryways safe and easy to access for everyone.

Number Three: Slippery Bathtub

Slipping and falling in the tub is another major cause of injury for older adults. Allow our Altadena bathroom remodeling team of experts to install a shower chair, walk-in shower, or walk-in tub to help reduce falls and hazards in your home.

Number Four: Non-Working Fire Alarms

Let our crew of electricians assess and fix non-working or faulty fire alarms in your home to keep your loved ones safe and protected from smoke hazards and fires. We’ll check all of your alarms and help install new ones, too.

Number Five: Power Outage Vulnerabilities

Keep your family warm and connected in an emergency, by allowing our team to install a power generator system in your home. Our back-up generators can keep you safe, alive, and able to communicate in a weather or national emergency.

Number Six : Excessively Hot Water

Scalding hot water is another cause of injury for seniors. Allow our plumbing team to install a hot water control system to make sure that water flowing from your tap or showerhead is pleasantly warm, but not dangerously hot.

Number Seven: Bathroom Fall Hazards

Falling in the bathroom is another leading cause on injury for homeowners. Let our Pasadena bathroom remodel experts install a grip bar in the restroom for you, as well as slip-resistant flooring. You can help reduce the likelihood of falls, and stay safer and more independent, too.

Number Eight: Inaccessible Kitchen Surfaces

If you or a family member use a wheelchair or powered chair to get around, let us lower the height of your countertops and kitchen surfaces for you. This will allow you to keep cooking while staying safe and reducing strain or fall hazards.

Number Nine: Rotting Decks

Rotting wood on decks or back porches can cause injury, splinters, or falls. Allow our Pasadena deck remodel specialists to repair or replace rotting boards, or even build you a whole new deck. Keep your deck enjoyable, safe, and firm year-round.

Number Ten: Unfenced Yard

Having a fenced yard can keep pets and small children safe, prevent them from wandering, and discourage prowlers, too. Fencing your yard adequately can also be an insurance liability benefit, and can help shield your valuable outdoors possessions from notice and from theft. Enjoy greater privacy and security, too.

Whatever your project may be, the pros at Handyman Connection of Pasadena are ready to give you advice and a free estimate on all your home renovation and home remodeling projects. Call them at 626-744-0402 for your free estimate today!

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