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Pasadena Home Renovation - 8 Home Renovation Trends in 2022

Pasadena Home Renovation - November 02, 2022 - When it comes to a Pasadena home renovation project, you want to make sure that you get something that helps your home fit into your style and function needs. This article will look at trend around the various parts of your home to help you get the inspiration that you need to make the changes that you want around your home. Read on to see some of the top home renovation trends in 2022.

1. Make Use of Under Your Stairs

These days, it’s all about maximizing your space. A great way to do this is to make use of the space under your stairs. There are a lot of different ways that you can utilize this space. You can turn it into a bookshelf, a smaller built-in desk space, or a little cubby for your beloved dog.

2. Lowering Your Living Room

A popular trend that people are doing right now includes lowering their living room space. This can create great separation and make the space feel more intimate. This is also a great trick to make your living room feel like a bigger space than it is.

3. Put Some Effort into the Exterior

When you think about home renovations in the City of Pasadena, you may not be thinking about doing anything to your exterior space. You can put some time in building a small patio or deck area. You can put in fencing for curb appeal or to give you privacy to better enjoy your outdoor space.

4. Make Use of Other Spaces in the Home

This is especially useful if you have a smaller home. There are ways that you can maximize your home by utilizing the various spaces of the home. Create a wall of built-ins or make your deck into a multi-purpose space by adding a bar rail for extra entertaining space.

5. The Rise of the Kitchen Island

One thing that you can see in every home remodeling show on television right now is how everyone wants an island. There’s a good reason for this. This is a versatile feature that adds more counter space, extra seating, and extra storage. These are also great design features, which you can use to create a two-tone space or just add visual appeal to your kitchen.

6. Open Shelving

Open shelving allows you to have the storage that you need while also providing you a space to display your items. This is an especially popular trend right now in kitchen spaces. You just must be aware that items on open shelving do frequently need to be dusted to keep the space looking great.

7. Use Lighting as a Focal Point

Lighting is more than just something to light up the space. Now it can be a design feature that can add aesthetic appeal and character in any space. There are plenty of lighting options that you can choose from as well, allowing you to get something that will perfectly complete your space.

8. Make Use of Shapes

Typically, living rooms spaces have rectangle and square furniture and carpets. This can be a bit boring from a design perspective. However, you can think about using different shapes in the space to make it look interesting, such as a circle rug and/or an L-shaped rug.

Your home is your sanctuary. Therefore the Handyman Connection of Pasadena located in Pasadena since 1998 ensures that you get the results you are looking for in your home renovation project. We listed to our clients wants and needs to ensure, offering our expert advice along the way. Contact us today to see how our team can complete the perfect remodeling project for you.

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