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Pasadena Kitchen - 4 Kitchen Aesthetics For your Home

Pasadena Kitchen - July 5th, 2022

All-White with a Pop of Color

If you’re seeking that especially sleek look you can only get with monochrome designs, consider updating your space with white cabinets and white granite countertops. Stainless steel appliances will also help to keep your kitchen looking clean and modern. For that necessary pop of color, think about trying a bold color like yellow or pink. Table runners, curtains, and flower vases are all fun ways to keep your kitchen and dining area full of life (think about merging your kitchen style with your dining area style, because we all know that open floor plans where these two flow together are the best!).

Southwestern Style For this style of kitchen, you’re going to want to keep the colors you choose mostly warm-toned. The southwestern style reflects the dry desert regions that inspire it, and therefore will often use brown and tan tones as the focal point. A set of light-brown cabinets would pair well with diamond-shaped brown tiled floors. Another way to keep your kitchen feeling southwestern is to add a wrought iron light fixture for your dinner guests to admire. The presence of wrought iron accents will tie together the brown tones of your kitchen, and add a darker color to make the aesthetic feel more complete. Add a dark granite countertop to the mix and you will have a true Los Angeles/Pasadena remodel.

Farmhouse Kitchen

The country-style farmhouse kitchen has recently become one of the most popular styles since Chip and Joanna Gaines made waves with their HGTV show “Fixer Upper”. Though each farmhouse kitchen has its special touches, here are some recommendations to bring a ranch-like feel to any home: White cabinets with glass fronts let you put your china on display while keeping it safe and organized, while wooden countertops keep your space looking earthy and grounded in nature. The farmhouse or “trough” style sink is also a must-have for anyone looking to try this aesthetic and, not to mention, it will make doing the dishes easier as they are bigger than regular sinks! One last touch for your farmhouse kitchen could be the installation of wooden beams on your ceiling. This will help make your home more rustic and really make you feel like you might see a farm when you look out your window!

Caribbean Style

My personal favorite, the Caribbean style, will help mimic that elated feeling you get when visiting a tropical destination. The use of many blues and yellows for this style is a must. And a colorful tile (or better yet, mosaic!) backsplash will make you feel like you could be right next to the ocean. White cabinets and either light-brown or white granite countertops give your space light a breezy-feeling. A turquoise or light blue paint-job is a popular choice when it comes to picking a color for the walls of your Caribbean kitchen. Make sure to also buy colorful sets of dish-ware that will compliment your lively kitchen. Find unique, hand-made pieces to add extra flare, such as a fruit bowl with colorful flowers painted on, a cute wooden anchor to hang on the all, or a painting of the ocean to tie all your décor together.

All these styles have something unique to offer, and they would all be great choices if you find that a new kitchen is exactly what you need. Handyman Connection offers installation services to help your dream kitchen come to life as seamlessly as possible. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles handyman or a Pasadena handyman, then give us a call at (626)-744-0402. Get ready to fall in love with your kitchen again when you start your remodel with us today! At Handyman Connection of Pasadena we are always ready to help you with all your remodeling and handyman needs including carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tile and more…

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