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Renovation Contractor - 10 Ideas Revamp and Remodel Your Home Now

Renovation Contractor - April 07, 2022 - Here are some ideas to bring some fresh color and life into your home. You don’t have to save up to spend big bucks on expensive contractors. Tackle a bunch of smaller projects on a budget or hire a handyman to get them done. From flooring to fixtures, here are some great ideas for home projects you can get done this year.

1) Tile and Flooring

Add some bright tile work or go in a new direction with rustic wooden flooring to complement your interior design and decor. Get rid of the old worn-down carpets or scraped up flooring and get a handyman to show you some new options.

2) Drywall

Old or bad drywall can draw a lot attention and foster the growth of damp or mold. Think about repairing any cracks in your drywall, plastering patches or getting full sections redone. Professionally done drywall is supposed to be subtle to facilitate painting and should avoid catching your eye. Hire an experienced drywall crew to have it done efficiently and avoid wasting money.

3) Paint

If you had your drywall done right another great way to revamp your home is getting a fresh coat of paint. Go with professional color palettes or consult an expert and see how you can color coordinate your home this year. Brighter colors like white for your ceiling can improve light reflectivity and dramatically lighten up an interior space and change the atmosphere.

4) Lighting

Switching to high efficiency lighting like LED’s and creative fixtures are also a great way to brighten your home up and reduce your electric bills at the same time. Have your lights replaced or install new fixtures to get rid of dark spots in the house.

5) Kitchen Remodel.

Replace your old countertop, repaint the cabinets or shelving. Install a kitchen Island, remodel the kitchen space, consider going with an open floor concept or make room for a dinner table. There are dozens of great ways to go about revamping your kitchen space on tight budget, only some of them require a handyman and others, you can tackle yourself with a little help. Find a local handyman in Pasadena to help with your kitchen remodeling.

6) Bathroom

Give your bathrooms a fresh look! Install a new shower or tub, replace the current fixtures, add colored tiling around the washbasin and more. There are a dozen easy ways you can have a handyman remodel your bathroom to give it a completely new look. There are many professionals in the local area that can help with all your bathroom remodeling requirements in Pasadena.

7) Seniors or pet accessibility

If you have pets or seniors living with you there are several quick and easy things you can do to improve accessibility and comfort for your loved ones in the home. Rail and grab bars, walk in tubs and shower seats along with anti slip floors are all ways to help your elders be a little more independent at home. Pet doors and Storm doors are other simple options to give your furry friends a little freedom.

8) Shelving and Cabinets

When it's time to reorganize or if you find yourself often running out of space, installing new shelves and cabinets or having yours repaired, replaced or upgraded is one of the best ways to improve efficiency in the home.

9) Faucets and Plumbing.

High efficiency shower heads and faucets are becoming more popular. Replacing old or leaky taps and faucets can save you money down the road but it is also a great way to bring a little modern or classic styling to your home fixtures.

10) Trim and Crown Molding.

One of the easiest ways to have your house looking stunning is to replace all your trim and crown molding, especially after a fresh paint job. Get a professional to layout some elegant trim in classic white that can never lead you wrong or find a customer color combination to suit your interior decor.

Call to Action.

There are plenty of ways to brighten up your home or revamp it for the next year but you should always consider hiring a professional to have it done properly and avoid any costly mistakes.

Stop delaying those home projects that never get done, reach out to Handyman Connection to have experts take care of your home now.

Don’t waste any more time, get a quote and learn more from an expert today.

You can also simply call or text us at 626-744-0402 to schedule your free estimate for all your Handyman and Remodeling needs in Pasadena and Los Angeles!

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