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Replacing The Siding on Your House: TRIVIA

Wood siding and Vinyl are long lasting but not completely indestructible. They can get damaged by the weather, an accident or simply be time worn. Such damaged siding should be replaced immediately to protect your home’s safety and value. One should not risk structural damage. Here we have provided a brief of everything you need to know about replacing siding on your house.

Signs That Siding Needs Repair/Replacement

If you are Googling ways to replace damaged siding on a house, you have probably come across one or more of these issues. Inspect your siding closely for the following problems:

● Cracking

● Holes in the siding

● Warping

● Rotten or soft pieces of wood siding

● Missing pieces

● Misaligned pieces

● Sections of siding falling off the house

If you notice any of the above mentioned issues, go through the following steps for replacing siding on your house- whether it is vinyl or wood.

Replacing Vinyl Sidings

Grab the following supplies if your house has damaged vinyl siding:

● Tin Snips

● Matching new vinyl siding

● Minimum 1” galvanized steel nails having a ⅜” head

● Hammer

Follow these four easy steps to replace the damaged siding:

● Begin by removing all the broken pieces of siding as well as the nails used for attaching them.

● Using tin snips, trim a piece of the new siding to fit the lowest gap. Most of the vinyl siding overlap the pieces on either side by a at least an inch. For further information check the instructions on the installation guide of your siding manufacturer.

● Modern vinyl siding has interlocking technology for watertight protection. The bottom channel of the new siding locks into the top channel of the piece under it. Carefully slide the new siding in place.

● While you nail the new piece of siding in position, apply a gentle pressure upwards to ensure that the two pieces of the siding are interlocked.

Repeat the above steps till the entire damaged siding is replaced.

Replacing Plywood Siding Panels

Plywood siding is a low maintenance and durable siding option. However, over time the bottom edges of plywood siding tend to become water damaged and have to be replaced. Removing and replacing a plywood siding panel is an easy task for homeowners. You will need:

● New siding sheet

● Exterior paintable caulk

● A hammer

● A tape measure

● Safety goggles

● 8D galvanized nails

● A utility knife

● A circular saw

● A jigsaw

Follow these five steps to easily replace your plywood siding:

● Cautiously remove the damaged siding with a pry bar and a claw hammer. Try to save the old piece to use as a template for cutting the new plywood sheet.

● Remove any caulk, paint and old nails from around the siding. Use a utility knife for this task.

● Use the old plywood piece as a guide to measure and mark any additional cuts that will need to be made on the new sheet. Ensure that the grooves in the new panel are placed in the right direction. Use a circular saw to make the edge cuts and a jigsaw to cut out power outlet, vent and window openings.

● Caulk all the edges after nailing the new piece of siding in place.

● After the caulk has dried, prime and paint the wood. Be generous with the primer as it prevents any future water damage.

Continue this process until the entire damaged plywood siding is replaced.

Need Professional Help?

If you require help in replacing the siding of your house, Handyman Connection, Pasadena is the right choice for you. We can make the necessary repairs to protect the exterior of your home and make it look as good as new. To get started, contact our professionals today!

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