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Should You Hire a Handyman or Do it Yourself

Remodeling is a serious job no matter how simple the process may be. It can be expensive and the last thing you need is a botched job. There are multiple reasons why a handyman is necessary and why you should avoid making it a DIY project.

A Handyman Has the Right Tools to Complete the Job

You should consider hiring a handyman to complete a remodeling project because they have the tools and resources to complete the job. Some projects require heavy machinery and could be dangerous to use if you aren’t a skilled expert, so save the trip to the hospital and hire a handyman.

Also, handymen are trained and received an education specifically to renovate and remodel. Here at The Handyman Connection of Pasadena, we only send handymen who are skilled in whatever you need assistance in. We will send a plumber to fix your bathtub, or install a walk-in shower, an electrician to hook up lighting for you, etc. Your safety is important and it is recommended not to guess how to use a tool or guess how a project is done.

Hiring a Handyman is Less Stressful

A great benefit to hiring a handyman to complete your project as opposed to doing it yourself is that it is less stressful. You work with the handyman to discuss what your preferences are and what you expect as the end result from the project, but get to leave the physical, bulk work to the handymen. You can trust your project is in good hands of trained professionals who know exactly what tools to use, how much material to get, and the actual process of what it takes to complete the project.

Guaranteed Job Well Done

Given that our handymen are skilled experts, we can guarantee the work done on your home is up to safety standards and done appropriately. DIY projects can end in disaster, as the average person may overlook the details that go into a project. You can easily forget to seal a deck, leaving it exposed to the elements to rot, or the tiles in your shower can lift and cut your feet. You may also overestimate or underestimate the amount of materials needed to complete a project. These are just some factors that can be avoided simply by hiring a handyman instead of doing it on your own.

Avoid a Permit

Hiring a licensed handyman can save you the financial hassle of paying for a permit to complete work. There are minor renovations you can get away with doing it yourself, such as putting in a chandelier, or painting your walls or cabinets. However, the larger projects, like tearing down walls to add a room are more extensive and often require a permit and local government approval. Unless you want to go through the timely hassle of applying for the correct permits, you can hire a handyman and begin your project as soon as possible.

Hiring a Handyman is the Safest option

The bottom line is hiring a handyman can save you from becoming injured in an avoidable accident, and ensures the project looks the best it can possibly be. When you don’t hire a handyman, you can be subjected to needing to apply for permits, which can take time and cost you more money. The Handyman Connection of Pasadena can help you out and consult with you for your renovating needs. We can refurbish your deck or patio, add a fence to your yard, upgrade your bathroom, and more. Visit our website or give us a call at (626) 744-0402 to get your free estimate.

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