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Storage - Tips for Choosing the Best Storage Solutions for Your Home

Storage - April 02, 2022 - When you hire a Handyman in Pasadena for your next remodeling project, you want to think about function as much as you think about style. This can be particularly important when you are working with smaller spaces, such as a bathroom remodel. Storage solutions should be a part of your plan, which is why your remodeling contractor in Pasadena can help you create the best storage solutions for your needs. Here, you can learn some of the best tips for choosing storage for your home.

Work with What You Have

Sometimes the best storage solutions come with working with the architecture that you have in place. Every home seems to have their own little quirks in the architecture, and you can take advantage of that for unique storage solutions. For instance, maybe you create a built-in bookcase in the nook created by a staircase. Using the architecture to your advantage can save you money and help you make use of wasted space to get the storage solutions that you need.

Make Use of Awkward Bathroom Spaces

During your bathroom remodel in Pasadena, you want to make sure that you have the storage solutions that you need for your bathroom. A bathroom contractor in Pasadena can actually work wonders in the space by taking those awkward spaces and creating amazing storage solutions. For instance, maybe you build a little shelf into the wall in between studs. This is an excellent solution, particularly with a small bathroom. You get a storage shelf without taking up any additional space that you may not have to spare in your bathroom.

Use Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open shelving is an excellent storage solution that is both stylish and functional. Add in some open shelving mixed in with traditional kitchen cabinets. Put items that you regularly use but that also add to the décor in your space on these open shelves, creating aesthetic appeal while also adding to the function of the space.

Entryway Storage

You may have a closet as soon as you enter the home, but this may not be enough for your needs. There are solutions that you can use, such as creating built-in cubbies or benches that have storage in them. This allows you a place to sit down when you enter a space, taking off your shoes and storing them in a place out of the way. There are plenty of options here, which a Handyman Los Angeles can help you with.


Custom built-ins are a great idea for any remodeling project. Built-ins are great because they are built custom for your space and are designed to seamlessly fit into the décor in the space. They can be built for a specific purpose, such as holding collectibles, or just be used as extra storage for the space. You can have a built-in with shelves for books and cubes for storage bins. You can get a custom solution that is aesthetically appealing while also offering the custom storage solutions that you need for the space.

Contact Us Today

At Handyman Connection of Pasadena, we understand just how important finding the best storage solutions are in your space. Storage is something that many people are searching for, but not quite sure how to utilize in your space. Our team can help you come up with creative and effective storage solutions that help you make the most out of any space. If you are looking to get a remodeling project done and want to make sure that you have the best storage solutions, contact us today at 626-744-0402.

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