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Study Shows Smart Tech is a top priority for homeowners - Remodel Your Home of The Future

Owning a home in Los Angeles or Pasadena is a symbol of personal success. Managing to successfully complete a remodel of your home is the epitome of that success. The key is having the patience to see the entire project through and unlock your dream home. However, it’s important to keep in mind that we are in the fourth industrial revolution and in order to uphold good value to any house, when renovating, consider making it as tech savvy and environmentally friendly as possible. At Handyman Connection of Pasadena and Pasadena Remodeler, our skilled and experienced craftsmen are always available for free consultation to help you get the best remodeling service in Los Angeles!

Studies show smart tech is a top priority for homeowners, and all upmarket houses have the latest gadgets and military standard security features. These include installing USB sockets throughout the home, smart sensors, cameras and built in screens in your bathroom so you won’t miss a second of the super bowl, be it even while you are on the bowl. It’s important to note that while doing your remodel, most of the gadgets that will actually make life easier will require hardwiring, for example, temperature sensors can be hardwired into your thermostat to allow you to control each room’s comfort from your mobile phone while you are getting ready to leave the office. The anxiety you feel while you leave your belongings and beloved home can be a thing of the past, install cameras strategically into the framework of your living space and monitor it a thousand miles away. This way the family won’t feel that sense of being watched while at the barbecue and safety can still be a priority.

Now all this electronic talk has already made you wonder how the national grid will be able to maintain the power load of the new Tony Stark approved home you have, but thankfully, you can install solar panels and get a tax rebate at the same time just for being the environment’s friend. Since Los Angeles is affected by drought from time to time, within your remodel, it might be a good idea to consider a rainwater collection kit, keep in mind that there are some legal requirements for this and a professional should be consulted before installation.

Renovating your kitchen in respect to the above, should include faucets with sensors which can allow you to almost gesture the undesirables of your hands after a good meal preparation. Even cabinets can open by a simple touch or nudge now, and they close ever so softly, ensuring you won’t hear that ghastly bang of wood on wood. Under cabinet lighting will add a touch of class and have the neighbors drooling.

After all the hard work spent on this amazing home, all you need is thirty minutes in your Jacuzzi , some “me time” spent listening to Kenny g on those speakers you had built into the bathroom wall, or even catch an episode of Ellen on that screen, or just relax away from the internet of things.

With the right handy man or contractor, the money spent on this endeavor is sure to increase your property value and save you money on those dreaded utility bills as well. Our professional team has the skills to pull off all kinds of home remodeling tasks. From installing new tiles to upgrading the plumbing, we can do it all. All Handyman Connection of Pasadena workers have years of experience under their belt. So, you are guaranteed a final result that you will enchant you. Contact us today at 626-744-0402 to get a free quote.

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