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Bathroom Remodeling Contractor - 5 Effective Strategies For Hiring

Bathroom Remodeling - You and your loved ones have decided that you want to remodel your bathroom. Projects like this can be expensive and everyone must know of a disaster or two when it comes to plumbing. Choosing the right licensed handyman can be intimidating and you need to feel confident that you have chosen the right people to do the job.

There are several effective strategies for hiring the right bathroom remodeling contractors:

Research them

The internet is a great place to start. Happy customers may not always go on to tell the world how happy they are, however, unhappy ones often do. Good contractors who want to stay in business will strive to avoid leaving customers unhappy. The customer is king and unhappy ones can tell other potential customers of their blight. This is bad for business.

Interview more than one contractor

Don’t just call the first team you find and listen to their story. Get at least two different teams in to discuss the plans with them. Getting more than one set of eyes on the project can give you a sense of how good your choice is. This strategy allows you to judge your choice of contractor. If one team just gives you a quote on a post-it note and the other gives you on a fully prepared, broken down item by item list, you can be confident in one over the other.

Get a proper quote

Your contractor comes around, you discuss what you want to do, what materials you have in mind, color schemes, layout. This may lead to complex plumbing changes for hot and cold feed, grey waste and soil pipes. In order to avoid conflict, get it in writing. It is important to avoid the he-said-she-said scenario at the end of a project. This can be avoided with a proper written quote. If they provide a quote they may also extend that to a written contract. Ensure that you read this in full and understand it before going ahead.

Let the contractor supply

You may consider that you can save money by buying the materials yourself. Tiles, paint and bathroom fixtures are often a big cost to the project. You may think that you can make a saving here by going direct. Most contractors won’t make a profit here. By letting the contractor buy the materials, it becomes their responsibility to buy the correct items, the correct amount of them and to return any extra. A good contractor will have credit with their suppliers. You should always only pay the contractor upfront, a contribution towards these materials. He/she should only get paid on completion when you are happy. Paying a contractor before he/she finishes puts you in danger that they will not finish it.

Be prepared for change

The contractor should warn you that there may be unexpected events once things get uncovered. A common strategy in bathroom design is to hide unsightly pipework and wiring. These can often be behind ceramic tiles which are notoriously difficult to remove. A good contractor will assess the situation and warn you of where things could potentially go wrong and there may need to be more money spent or a design change. Being prepared for a change and having a contingency plan, is good project management. This could also lead to you being without bathroom facilities until it is repaired or made usable.

If you are in the Pasadena area, then we cannot recommend enough Handyman Connection of Pasadena. They can remodel your bathroom (or kitchen) and will give you all of the confidence identified above.

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