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Handyman in Pasadena – 8 Tips for Choosing the Best Lighting Fixtures

Handyman in Pasadena – A Pasadena licensed handyman and a Handyman in Pasadena can help install light fixtures around your home, but how do you choose the perfect options for your space? While the handyman can offer some great advice, there are plenty of things that you need to consider to make sure that you get the right lighting fixtures for your style and function needs. Reading on, you can learn the best tips for choosing the perfect lighting fixtures for your space. Handyman in Pasadena can help you with all your needs!

1. What are Your Lighting Goals? Handyman in Pasadena Can Help!

It’s important to start by thinking about what your lighting goals are for the space. Do you want the light to be focused on a specific area of the space or do you want ambient lighting? Knowing what the main function for your lighting in the space can help you better determine which type of lighting fixtures will work best for your needs.

2. Multiple Lighting Sources

In some rooms, you may have multiple lighting fixtures in the space. For instance, in the kitchen you may have a light that focuses on the entire rest of your kitchen and a pendant light for over the sink. Multiple lighting fixtures in the space is great option to consider for optimized function in the space.

3. Formal Lighting Options

Some spaces do require more formal lighting solutions than others. For example, a formal dining room or formal sitting room will likely need a more formal looking option than in a more casual space. If you are looking for more formal look in the space, you will want the right lighting fixture to help you achieve that aesthetic.

4. Measure the Space

This is especially important when you are getting ceiling lighting for your space. You need to be sure that you are choosing an option that will provide you with adequate lighting for the space. You need to pick a lighting fixture that is big enough for the space, without being too overpowering. Just to give you an idea of what size is ideal for a space; a 20 by 15 ft. room would need a 36” wide fixture.

5. Architectural and Decorative Lighting Fixtures

Ideally, you will want to utilize both architectural decorative lighting fixtures. Architectural lighting is great because you can use it for more function in the space. But decorative fixtures offer function and style in the space.

6. Various Levels of Lighting

Going back to the idea of using multiple fixtures in a space, having a variety of levels of lighting in the space can be great for function and aesthetics. Make sure of lamps, overhead fixtures, and recessed lighting options can make a major difference in the space.

7. Will the Lighting Be the Focal Point?

When you start trying to decide on the best lighting fixture in the space, you want to decide whether or not you want the lighting fixture to be the star of the space. You can get some really dramatic looking fixtures, which can work in some spaces if you want to add in a pop of aesthetic appeal.

8. Less is Sometimes More

It’s easy to want to put a lot of lighting in the space, but sometimes less really is more. Less lighting can create more drama in the space. If you start questioning about whether or not you need the lighting fixture in addition to what you currently have, just leave it out.


Handyman Connection of Pasadena has licensed handymen that can handle many tasks around the house. This includes electrical work. Hiring a professional handyman to install your new lighting fixtures is the best option that you can choose for your home. While you may be able to install these new lights yourself, a professional can ensure the best and safest results.

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